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I know that most parents here have pushed for whole-grade or at least subject-level acceleration.
"Pushed" may have a negative connotation. Some might say that parents here have "advocated for..."

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But if pull-outs and differentiated work are part of the plan, what does that look like?
You might want to re-read the Buzzwords thread.

A pull-out just means the child leaves the regular classroom. It says nothing about what is occurring, or the aptness or value of what your child is experiencing, during that time span.

Differentiated work (differentiated task demands) can mean more difficult and time-consuming homework (often regarded as a negative). Unfortunately, it does not necessarily mean teaching appropriately challenging advanced curriculum in the child's zone of proximal development (ZPD), which would be a positive.

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Can I ask for online coursework?
For online courses, Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) may be of interest for math. Students might also attend a math class with pupils in a higher grade level (which is often more cost effective).

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Project-based learning in lieu of homework?
Think in terms of: What does the child know? What is the child ready to learn next? What are the child's interests?

Talk with your child, and be sure you are on the same page before beginning advocacy. It may also be time to work with your child to develop positive skills for self-advocacy.

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Are there any well-researched resources that indicate what the known best practices are for this scenario?
This current thread may also be of interest: District gifted program design