I am very, very, very belatedly making a decision on which kindergarten program to send my 2E (ADHD with anxiety issues), fantastic almost 6 year old to. He has proven to be HIGHLY reactive to the learning environment. Poor placement has lead to "clinically significant levels of anxiety and depression) and good placement has had the opposite effect.

Now that he is entering K, I need to choose between the two options:

Option 1: Regular public kindergarten in our very good district. About 20 kids. Half day, 2 1/2 hour program. Of the 2 1/2 hours two hours is spent on "academics" and only 1/2 hour is either library or PE. No additional support, only in-class "differentiation." The teacher is brand new, only 1 or 2 years of experience.

Option 2: Small, private Lutheran school. All day program, so more opportunity for play, socialization, etc. Only 8 students (all boys). If DDS needs it, the school recommended that he could take reading and/or math with the 1st graders.

The private school is about $5,000. Public is free. My greatest concern is if 2 hours of academics going over stuff my guy learned through osmosis 2 years ago, will he be "spinning his wheels?" I worry about him becoming depressed, anxious and turned off to school. My thought is the all-day program would provide more opportunity to do the stuff he needs.... play with other kids, learn self-confidence, work out problems, enjoy larger projects.

Any thoughts????