I love all of these!

Here's one of my own for DS4.5. He had to attend a medical appointment yesterday and was thoroughly enjoying asking the nurse questions during intake, like what the hospital does to dispose of the biohazard sharps containers. Do they use an autoclave? A disinfectant? Fire? Can any of the pieces be re-used, or is it all irretrievable? How does the oxygen saturation monitor work? The two of them were having a great conversation.

Enter condescending medical resident, who proceeds to treat DS like a lump of clay and attempts to examine him with an otoscope without first asking his permission. DS grabs the otoscope, says, "I don't think so," unscrews the head of the otoscope from the handle, and hands her the pieces. She stares at him agog. I explain to her, "You need patient consent from children, just like adults." I was secretly laughing inside at DS' move. I didn't even know you could disassemble an otoscope that quickly!
What is to give light must endure burning.