This post is created to link to a thread called Pros/Cons of Sending a Child to College Early (in the Parenting and Advocacy forum, May 2016), for the benefit of any future visitors who may look in this "College" forum to find that type of discussion.

Quick summary of this post, which provides a roundup of links:
Whole-grade acceleration (also called grade-skipping) may result in a student attending college at a younger age... or not.
Other options include planning ahead for a productive gap year.

Acceleration (grade skipping)
Adding links to old threads discussing:
- Radical acceleration down the road - any regrets? (Parenting and Advocacy forum, September 2014)
- Considering grade skip (Parenting and Advocacy forum, May 2016)

Gap Year
1) The Davidson Database offers a guidebook on planning a gap year.
2) This article raises awareness of the types of experiences which a student may encounter when signing on to pre-established gap-year programs.

More Threads on Early College
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- College at 16 (post regarding FERPA)
- College at 16 (post with link to list of Early Colleges)

College Application
Adding a link to an old thread discussing, Do you list DYS on a college application? (General Discussion forum, August 2012) for the benefit of parents who may may browse this college forum for that information.