Our school district has a weak orchestra program. Very few children participate in the optional state rankings festival or regional concerts... anyway, my son is a very good player who studies with private teacher.

Last year at the elementary school, he and another student were nominated and played for a regional county concert, that brings together the best players from the school districts. They were congratulated in morning announcements, and given certificates by principal. They felt proud, and all was well and good.

My son is now in first year at Middle School, grade 6. The only one nominated to play in that same orchestra this time. He goes to school the next day, and gets no congratulations in the announcements (the concert wasn’t even MENTIONED), he was given no certificate, no mention in newsletter, nothing. Clear as day that the school doesn’t value orchestra/music achievements by the students.

He is 10 years old. From what he says, he seems to feel unvalued by the school, and that his achievement doesn’t matter to them. He is still sad. The concert was 2 months ago.

To make matters worse, he participated in a second and different regional orchestra last weekend, again representing the school district, and NO congratulations.

Would anyone here talk to the school, if they were in my shoes as an advocating parent?