Monday will be my sixth parent/teacher conference of the year, and so far, virtually no results. Every time, the teacher agrees to give him "accelerated math" (all of his grades are good, but math seems to be the area in which he excels the most). She does it for a week or so, in his spare time, then stops. It has gotten worse recently, because about halfway through last year they moved him into a second grade math class. Due to scheduling issues, they could not put him in a third grade math class this year. So for the past few weeks, he has not only been going over material that he already knows - he is doing the exact same workbook that he did last year. What's worse is that he is now starting to think that his teacher thinks he is "stupid" because she won't give him any more difficult work, and is repeating what he has already learned.
Anyway, since the last few conferences (some with just the teacher, others with administrators and guidance counselors involved) have been essentially a waste of time, I thought I would call in reinforcements this time. What exactly do I need to do in order to get results?!? I don't want to go in there as "angry mom", but I'm honestly so frustrated with this whole thing, I'm ready to stop being nice and start making demands. (And as a former teacher, I can almost guarantee that won't work). Any suggestions for what may be more effective than what I've been doing? I'm not looking for any particular answer - I'm willing to compromise. But the thing that is absolutely necessary is that my son learn something at school - which is not happening right now.