DD is very excited!!

Today the middle school band director held instrument trials for the rising 6th grade band students. The high school band director, who knows of DD's giftedness, suggested oboe for her and she scored a 5 out of 5 on that trial. They only accept 2 sixth graders to play oboe and it seems DD got one of the spots. (I saw the band director write her name in the oboe roster but he said we'd get confirmation in a few days, after he sees everyone.)

She also scored 5/5 on flute, so that's her second choice.

I was really worried early on because she tried the clarinet first and only got a 3. Some sort of embouchure problem. I'm glad she didn't have her heart set on clarinet! She nailed the flute trial in one try. The oboe trial was clearly difficult for her but she seemed to enjoy it greatly and was proud of herself for producing the correct sound.

The really fun part is that the oboist and band director both asked her questions like "Are you the kind of student who likes a challenge?" and "Do you like advanced math and reading classes?" DD felt like her giftedness might be an asset for once instead of a liability (which is how she perceives it in the regular classroom). She practically floated back to the car.

Are there any other oboe players among our ranks? Either you or your DC?

DD12, 7th. Dx'd ADHD/GAD. No IQ test. EXPLORE & SAT just miss DYS but suspect HG+