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@MSP - I will be asking the teacher about this when we meet next week. The school says they have a strong anti-bully policy, but I don't know how they go about identifying when bullying is present. May I ask how you figured out it was bullying? Neither DD nor the teacher hasn't mentioned any behavior that resembles bullying.

My daughters school also had a "strong anti-bullying" program. On paper. It's tough with a 1st grader to determine what is bullying and what is just normal behavior. My daughter is SUPER sensitive so for a long time we just chalked up her occasional comment about other kid's behavior to her being overly dramatic. When I finally got her to open up (sitting with her at night and letting her ramble on was immensely helpful) about her school day I realized something was really going on. I.e. kids following her out of class and shoving her into lockers, goading her until she would push them and then reporting that she had hit them etc. I finally got the teacher to take the time to discretely follow the kids out and verify that this was happening. The schools response was to suggest counseling for my daughter so that she would be able to deal with this better. We ended up pulling her out mid-year.

She was a target because she had different interests than most girls (bugs, dinosaurs) and was very reactive. Perfect target.

Good luck!