Online school options during COVID

Posted by: Appleton

Online school options during COVID - 07/10/20 03:26 PM

What are the best online school options for gifted kids? I'm considering switching to online for my 9th grader for a year in light of COVID. Our school in Texas is planning to offer online education but I want to investigate all options, especially since they are telling us that course options for online education will be limited. I'll need something that would allow my kid to reenter public school next year back into pre-AP/AP classes. Anyone have experience they are willing to share, both on good programs and how easy/difficult it is to transition back to regular public school?
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Re: Online school options during COVID - 07/10/20 08:14 PM

I haven't used any online options for my own kids (other than online college/dual enrollment courses, which would be a different conversation), but my experience with students transitioning into our secondary school after a year or more of using Connections Academy has been that they have been not noticeably different from b&m-schooled peers in the ability to fit into academic programming. I haven't seen enough students from other online schools to comment on them.
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Re: Online school options during COVID - 07/10/20 09:42 PM

So I shouldn't have a hard time getting my son back into pre AP/AP classes if we go this route?

Connections academy is one of the ones I'm looking at, as well as UT High School. A lot of it is just going to depend on how limited the course offerings are through our local high school. Also thinking that it's kinda pointless for him to have double blocked band if he's learning virtually.
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Re: Online school options during COVID - 07/11/20 03:57 AM

DD is entering 11th. She had 2 AP classes this past year and has 6 this coming year. 2 Eco, Spanish, the English is also AP, didn't know (both choices are AP -- she has to take the other one next year for 4 English credits for graduation). CS and Chem. I think once you get to high school you want quality. Her school is a private academic and they really stepped up once covid started. So I am not concerned for the fall, but I thought about Stanford online. I know it is expensive, but I would choose something that has AP courses. I haven't looked at others. But that is my suggestion -- look for one that has an AP track.
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Re: Online school options during COVID - 07/11/20 12:27 PM

My DD is thrilled with Fusion Academy - a chain of 50 or so campuses that offer 1-1 classes. This format is great for gifted/2e kids because the classes move at their pace, are taught in the way that works best for them and with appropriate levels of challenge. Truly an individualized program for each kid. They will be offering virtual class options even if campuses are able to open in the fall. I canít say enough good things about them.
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Re: Online school options during COVID - 07/11/20 02:07 PM

Stanford online looks interesting, but it's too late to apply for the coming school year.
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Re: Online school options during COVID - 07/17/20 12:27 PM

I heard a couple high school moms on here talking about Website says it's self-paced with plenty of academic support as well as synchronous events like workshop and some discussions--I guess they lean into PBL too? I'm not sure but you may want to look into it.
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Re: Online school options during COVID - 07/21/20 02:01 PM

Hello there - another option is Davidson Academy's online campus. The Davidson Academy is briefly reopening its 2020-2021 application July 22-27: