Online Middle School (fall covid backup)

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Online Middle School (fall covid backup) - 05/13/20 01:54 PM

Hi all. Does anyone have recommendations for online middle school for the fall? It doesn't have to be gifted-specific as long as there is rigor and/or flexibility. If in person classes don't resume in the fall it would be nice to have a backup.
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Re: Online Middle School (fall covid backup) - 05/13/20 04:46 PM

I'd check first for a state online charter school. The most common programs are Connections Academy and K12, both of which will be completely online at the middle school level. This route has the advantage that (in addition to being completely taxpayer-funded, and thus much easier on your budget) their curricula will be more closely aligned with your state frameworks, and will also be required to receive IEPs written in your state (with obvious changes for the online format).

CA has some flexibility in pacing and leveling, and uses standard Pearson e-textbooks. K12 claims similar flexibility, and writes their own curricula.

Being comparable to conventional public schools may or may not constitute rigor for your DC, of course, but likely will make it easier to go back and forth, if needed.

For all online schools, be aware that they may fill up enrollment very quickly for next school year, since many parents are considering the same kinds of backup plans.
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Re: Online Middle School (fall covid backup) - 05/14/20 03:27 PM

Thanks aeh. Do you have any experience with Connections Academy? It looks like we have both programs here in AZ.
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Re: Online Middle School (fall covid backup) - 05/14/20 04:55 PM

I have not personally used it, but I've received students transitioning back into b&m school from it, and they generally make smooth transitions. It's been a lifesaver for a couple of my friends' kids, who had various challenges with b&m public school. I did look at it for our own, in the process of homeschool research (ended up using mainly eclectic paper curricula with self-made supplements), and would have considered it if we hadn't been able to work out a schedule for a parent to do more direct instruction at home. It's often on my shortlist of recommendations for newbie homeschoolers, especially those who might be more likely to drift back and forth between home and b&m public school.

I think HowlerKarma used it fairly extensively, a few years back, but HK posts here only sporadically these days, so you may or may not get a response.