Residential High Schools and/or Indiana Academy

Posted by: Bean

Residential High Schools and/or Indiana Academy - 11/18/19 07:15 AM

Does anyone have any experience with Indiana Academy or similar residential "early college" high schools? My freshman dd has always be homeschooled and is very interested in this for 11th and 12th grade.

I don't see it as a good fit for her (we've done a couple of visits and are lined up for parent/ family visit the first week of December). She's lonely at home, but I know from experience (mine, her dad's and older sibs), that being in a dorm probably won't solve that.

Although it's a gifted school, she had the school's "average" SAT score in 6th grade, and the girls she met when she shadowed didn't have any of her intellectual curiosity.

We've tried local college classes, but doesn't enjoy the "college talk" around her, so no peers there. I really need to find some peers for this kiddo. She's our caboose baby and our last one at home.
Posted by: Portia

Re: Residential High Schools and/or Indiana Academy - 11/28/19 11:47 AM

Hi Bean,
I do not have any experience in this area for you. We have one of those in our state as well. It seems to be well received, but everyone I know who has attended came from public school. As you mentioned, right fit is the most important. It sounds like she needs more social interaction. Is she a competitor?
Posted by: Bean

Re: Residential High Schools and/or Indiana Academy - 11/30/19 03:58 AM

Thanks Portia,
She's a little competitive, but even if she was more so, there aren't any math circles or such around us. She was on the local swim team for 5 years, and things fell apart with a bully. She was far from competitive there, but is considering trying again with a new coach and such.