MAP score for Algebra readiness

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MAP score for Algebra readiness - 05/03/19 09:06 PM

My son is currently in 5th grade in a 5/6 grade gifted class where the 5th graders go to a 6th grade classroom for Advanced 6th grade math. A large portion of the 6th graders in the gifted class go to the middle school for Algebra. The ones who donít are taught 7th grade math by the gifted teacher.

I found out today that the criteria at our school for a 5th grader to take Algebra in 6th is a score of 262 on the MAP test (99th %). This seems super restrictive to me! My son gets all Aís in the 6th grade advanced math class with minimal effort outside of class. The teacher says he catches onto new concepts quickly and she never worries about him being behind. But, he only got a 255 on the Spring MAP, so he doesnít automatically qualify for Algebra. I spoke with the district coordinator today, asked quite a few questions and outlined my concerns. She is supposed to get back to me next week. I requested that if he doesnít qualify they give him the Algebra readiness test that they give all 6th graders in the spring.

My question is, doesnít 99th% seem restrictive?? Or is Algebra in 6th grade so crazy that they need to be at the 99% in 5th to take it? I have seen some things online putting Algebra readiness based on MAP scores much lower, but those were 6+ Math MAP and I donít know that he took that. He may have taken the 2-5 (I wasnít aware there were different tests). If he took the 2-5 MAP for mathematics, what would be a score that would be considered ready for Algebra?
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Re: MAP score for Algebra readiness - 05/15/19 08:58 PM

6th grade Algebra is very, very high for most students in a gifted program and it doesnít surprise me they are making the threshold very high. If they have this program in place, they are very aware of what level of achievement is required to be successful. I like the NWEA map test a lot because it allows the student access to higher level testing, doesnít restrict them, and allows you to see their growth as a progression. MAP does suggest a slightly lower school but our school requires around 260 to take 7th grade Algebra. The biggest difference between 2-5 and 6+ is that scores tend to stagnate for a year or two. I think it is a reasonable score.
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Re: MAP score for Algebra readiness - 06/05/19 08:07 PM

262 is about 99.4th percentile. If I understand correctly, you are talking about 2 grade acceleration, correct?

If so, I don't think that limiting this automatic qualification to a little more than 1/2 percent is out of line. Pure test-based automatic qualifications should be set fairly high. Acceleration below that should be looked at on an individual basis, which it sounds like it being done here. A good teacher will have a better handle on readiness than a number from a single test