SIG Summer Camp

Posted by: Irena

SIG Summer Camp - 06/29/22 12:18 PM

Does anyone have any experience with SIG summer camps for teens, specifically at Yale University? My sonís CTY camp was unexpectedly canceled at the last minute and I am scrambling to get him into a camp. SIG had been kind enough to take CTY students and accept the CTY paperwork and application. They donít have a lot of openings or options at this point. But we are seriously considering it for my son. Unfortunately, we need to make up our minds very quickly and so I am reaching out here to see if anyone has any advice or experiences with the SIG camps. For reasons I donít really want to go into right now, he really needs some thing like the CTY camp for psychological and social reasons.
Posted by: Irena

Re: SIG Summer Camp - 06/30/22 01:47 PM

Anyone? 🙏
Posted by: aeh

Re: SIG Summer Camp - 07/02/22 10:29 AM

I'm sorry we don't have any direct experience with SIG, so I can't comment on that...but I do feel for you and your DC. I hope you are able to find something that gives him what he needs this summer.