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Posted by: Yanaz

Online classes - 03/24/20 12:41 PM

Need advice! Any good online science classes for kids, while the school is closed! Thanks!
Posted by: Wren

Re: Online classes - 03/27/20 07:04 AM

DD's school has begun online classes. Half the teachers were fully capable, prepped. The others struggling but she is getting "schoo". She got a digital chem lab this morning. Somehow they have to research the experiment since they cannot do it and understand what happens or something and write it up. Not perfect but since they did a number of chem labs already this year, a couple like this will not hurt them.

But Fauci is talking about this virus coming back in the fall. Please no with AP chem next year.
Posted by: aeh

Re: Online classes - 03/27/20 09:20 AM

My non-homeschooled kids have resumed regular classes online, too. School on all of the regularly scheduled school days, mostly in the form of online assignments, with a session or two a week of synchronous class time through video calls. But those are my older kids.

Homeschool, of course, is exactly the same.

The DC who was in an invitation-only research lab course is the most disappointed with online classes, but philosophical.
Posted by: Wren

Re: Online classes - 03/27/20 12:07 PM

I am worried that DD's marine research will be cancelled end of June. Hoping for the best.
Posted by: Yanaz

Re: Online classes - 03/27/20 02:10 PM

My DS10 and DD13 donít have online school ( classes)! They can do their work on Schoology (LAUSD )