Gifted Psychologists... outside of USA

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Gifted Psychologists... outside of USA - 11/20/19 06:52 PM

The USA has many psychologists that specialize in gifted children. However, they are constrained by licensing (or ethical concerns) to only practice in their home state. Here in the Bay Area, you have to wait a few months to find a therapist, and then you may only get to see them once a month.

Is there some way we could tap into therapists outside the USA, who are unencumbered by US law, who could offer therapy, or even just executive functioning coaching, over the internet?
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Re: Gifted Psychologists... outside of USA - 11/20/19 08:29 PM

Hoagies Gifted Education Page has an international list of psychologists and a list of professionals, which may be of interest.
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Re: Gifted Psychologists... outside of USA - 11/21/19 03:24 AM

For executive function coaching, have you looked at Seth Perler? We've found his online materials really helpful when we couldn't find someone IRL, and he speaks in a very BTDT way that reaches my very 2E son. We haven't tried actual human interactions with him, though I know he does so through the internet.
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Re: Gifted Psychologists... outside of USA - 11/22/19 09:06 AM

Appreciate the thoughts. I've seen this called "online therapy" or "distance counseling". It seems to be a little hyped, and to have advantages and disadvantages. One barrier is that its still legally "can't cross state boundaries". A reasonable rationale or ethical consideration is, its not clear ahead of time how severe the case is. But then some online therapy offers to be available 24/7.

So if we go international, they may be unencumbered by US regulatory requirements. However, this would still be limited by, only so many countries "do gifted", as we see from the Hoagies list of Australia, Canada, England, Netherlands, New Zealand. I'd add Israel, Singapore.