Summer Program Recommendations

Posted by: SecretGiftedMom

Summer Program Recommendations - 04/29/19 10:44 AM

During the summer, I try to pump my child with enrichment opportunities. I love to take her around the country to museums particularly those related to science.

Has anyone have any great recommendations for high quality activities for an EG though dysgraphic 9-year old? Iíll travel anywhere!
Posted by: KJP

Re: Summer Program Recommendations - 04/29/19 09:45 PM

I highly recommend Wolf College.
Posted by: Wren

Re: Summer Program Recommendations - 04/30/19 05:16 AM

I agree with Portia that you make it fun and also outdoors. When DD was young, I tried to integrate activities, like sailing, tennis, marine science camps, or engineering at a university, a week of acting camp -- where she almost got the lead in a kids' sitcom, but did a couple of ToysRus commercials. I think the acting camp helped with her debate skills, since she won a debate in her first year, against older kids. The acting lasted a year, but I never would have known that she had these debate skills. She moved from debate to DECA. I exposed her to all these things and now she is getting focused on computer science and marine science. And she races in the top sailing club in Canada. (I thought she would use ballet for her extracurricular for college) I suggest a broad array of activities when they are young so that they can figure out their interests. DD is now packaging herself in marine science robotics and sailing team for college. A great niche. Not something I planned for, just a result of summer activities and vacations. And she figured this out in 9th grade. She has a plan going forward for each summer as she positions herself.