Free resource gives pronunciation guidance

Posted by: indigo

Free resource gives pronunciation guidance - 04/27/13 08:37 AM

Forvo is a free online pronunciation utility in several languages. Link is

Forvo may be useful to those studying World Languages and also help voracious readers who may encounter words in print but not hear those words in conversation. Great for expanding our vocabularies!

Forvo is currently offered without need to register or provide user information.
Posted by: indigo

Re: Free resource gives pronunciation guidance - 04/17/21 02:04 AM

Forvo has changed over the years:
- It now calls itself a pronunciation dictionary.
- It requires sign-up.

Most online dictionaries have also changed over the years and now offer free pronunciation, without a visitor being required to register in order to use the service.

Where Forvo once offered a unique service, with online pronunciation aids now commonplace, possibly its extensive and ever-growing list of World Languages is its only distinguishing niche?