ADHD lower scores on WISC Verbal (or others)?

Posted by: MDmom

ADHD lower scores on WISC Verbal (or others)? - 01/10/20 06:08 AM

DC9 recently took the WISC as part of a neuropsych and DC's scores were substantially lower than we would have expected and DC's previous scores. Tester said DC said it was too hard to focus and was putting DC's head down during the testing. Tester's sense was that this impacted the score.

Is this something others have noticed? Verbal is typically a strength for this child, but was over 30 points lower than it has been in the past and what child's behaviors would indicate is an accurate assessment. If this is something you've noticed, has anything been helpful for this? We are considering starting medication as we had not initially realized DC was so impacted by ADHD and attention issues.

I'd appreciate any help/advice anyone can offer. Thanks!
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Re: ADHD lower scores on WISC Verbal (or others)? - 01/14/20 10:49 AM

Hi there, I don't have a comment specifically about WISC but thought your post could use a bump.

We don't have WISC results, but my ADHD daughter's MAP scores rose quite dramatically after she started on medication. I would think that any type of testing could potentially be affected by unremediated ADHD.
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Re: ADHD lower scores on WISC Verbal (or others)? - 03/31/20 01:11 PM

Yes, inadequately-managed ADHD can lower cognitive assessment scores. Substantially, for some persons. I can't comment on whether the current scores are valid or representative of your DC's underlying cognition, but it is certainly worth investigating. If you do choose to treat in some way (pharmacological or otherwise), and to retest, be aware that the recommended retest wait period for the WISC-V is 24 months, so a follow-up cognitive assessment during that window would have to be with a different instrument (e.g., KABC-II NU, WJ-IV, DAS-II, SB5, in order of currency of norms).