Does this look a 2e profile?

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Does this look a 2e profile? - 06/24/19 03:32 AM


My son is 8 and was recently evaluated by an Ed Psych as I felt he was bright but not reaching his potential. The assessment confirmed a spiky profile and low processing. I would be very grateful for opinions on his scores and whether this looks like a 2e profile? He was assessed using the WASI 2, WRAT 4, and British Ability Scales 3.

His block design was very discrepant and I'll take him t an OT for further assessment.

Block design: Centile 9; T score 40; Age <6.2
Vocabulary: Centile 98; T score 66; Age 11.2
Matrix reasoning: Centile 86; T score 58; Age 10.6
Similarities: Centile 98; T score 65; Age 11.2
VCI 124 95% Superior
PRI 98 45% Average

An FSIQ was not given due to high variation in scores.

Maths computation: Centile 98; standardised score 130 (upper extreme)
Spelling: Centile 91; standardised score 120; category superior.


Speed of informational processing: Centile 16; T score 40; Age 6.1
Recall of digits forward: Centile 50; T score 50; Age 8.3
Recall of objects immediate verbal: centile 69; T score 55; age 9.3.

Many thanks.
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Re: Does this look a 2e profile? - 07/01/19 05:26 PM

Welcome! My apologies for the delay; I've been on limited internet.

Your DC's cognitive profile does have some consistencies suggesting slow processing speed in general, possibly specifically fine-motor speed, and I do agree with following up with an OT. The two measures of working memory are average, which most likely is an unremarkable finding (unless you have IRL data that would suggest otherwise). While some individuals with above average cognition have working memory to match, many do not.

At the moment, the two screening measures of academic achievement are consistent with best estimates of his cognition, but are limited in scope. What caused you to wonder about underachievement?
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Re: Does this look a 2e profile? - 08/18/19 12:02 PM

Are you sure those numbers are all correct? The T-scores and percentiles don't seem to match up for the WASI.
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Re: Does this look a 2e profile? - 08/18/19 07:25 PM

Nice catch, Anisotropic! Even so, the profile is still worth investigating, whether the %iles or the T scores are the actual numbers. Also note that the UK norms appear to be slightly less consistent with the US norms between the WISC and the WASI, especially at the younger ages.