Not feeling fulfilled

Posted by: GooGooDollsFan

Not feeling fulfilled - 12/06/19 10:20 AM

I'm not really feeling fulfilled. My job responsibilities have lessened a bit and now I am kind of just bored. I am a teacher and I used to have more courses to teach, but now I have gifted IEPs to write. They're not really GIEPs, but they're just paperwork to push so that we look like we're doing what we need to do. For various reasons, I would lose my job if I were to push for gifted services for students and the students aren't self-advocating and neither are the families. I've been taking courses so I can get other certifications.... but my psychologist thinks I have unused potential and I could get a PhD and teach in college. I'm not ready to do that yet since it's expensive and I'm not sure what job would be available at that point.
Posted by: pinewood1

Re: Not feeling fulfilled - 12/09/19 11:46 AM

Professor jobs are nearly impossible to find now; most colleges are just hiring adjuncts, who sometimes work for subminimum wage. A PhD program is a lot of work and commitment if you're doing it without a clear goal, or if you're doing it because of the concept of "reaching your potential" (which I think is a harmful idea that leads a lot of people to make choices based on perceived prestige and not based on what they actually find fulfilling).

If you're not enjoying your current work, it does sound like a change is in order, though. There are a lot of books about how to find fulfilling work (the most popular one seems to be What Color Is Your Parachute); have you checked out any of them?
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Re: Not feeling fulfilled - 12/09/19 04:34 PM

I agree with pinewood in regards to doing a PhD on a whim. I have just started mine and it has to be something you're passionate about. In this case it's not just about intelligence, but also tenacity and obsession 😁

Maybe a career change is in order. What interests do you have that you can pursue as a career with study?
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Re: Not feeling fulfilled - 12/10/19 08:40 AM

I have a family member who got multiple advanced degrees due to a similar need to use their talents. It was expensive. Was it worth it? That is probably not a question I can answer for them, personally, but I would lean toward not being worth it, especially for the family, as a whole.

I would caution against spending all that money without a clear plan. The challenge of the coursework might make you happy for a time, but does it make sense for you and your family long term?

Another option not mentioned yet is pursuing something on the side. Pursue a hobby passionately? Create a gifted summer camp? Get involved running a charity that means something to you? (I can say that these can be like a part-time job and many need good people.) Change school districts? Go into industry instead?
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Re: Not feeling fulfilled - 12/10/19 12:53 PM

I spent 30 years trying to be fulfilled through work. It was a waste of time and energy. Try and find fulfillment outside work. If you can afford it and there is something that fascinates you then by all means do a PhD but not to get a fulfilling job - only if doing it would be fulfilling.