Help for 2e Adult

Posted by: KJP

Help for 2e Adult - 08/13/19 10:58 PM

Hi, havenít been on in a while. My kids are doing great but I need help with a friend. 2e adult with lackluster undergrad record/professional history. Finally has good mental health care - treatment/meds and is putting up fantastic practice GRE scores and wants to go back and get masters. Very much the autodidact/polymath. Has extreme interest/knowledge in field (neuroscience) but no contacts. Does anyone have any suggestions? Feel free to PM me.
Posted by: indigo

Re: Help for 2e Adult - 08/14/19 06:40 AM

My two thoughts for your friend are to
1) identify some people in the field whose work intrigues him/her/them
2) contact these people in the field explaining his/her/their interest, inquiring for possible adult internships, advice on courses, etc.

Some neuroscience has strong pop culture outreach, for example...
1) Neuroscience For Kids (NFK), Eric Chudler
2) Brain Rules for Baby, John Medina