Technology may replace 40% of jobs in 15 years

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Technology may replace 40% of jobs in 15 years - 01/11/19 07:30 PM

A.I. Expert Says Automation Could Replace 40% of Jobs in 15 Years
by Don Reisinger
January 10, 2019

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An artificial intelligence expert and venture capitalist predicts automation will cause major changes in the workforce.

Speaking to CBS News’ Scott Pelley in an interview for 60 Minutes on Sunday, Kai Fu Lee said that he believes 40% of the world’s jobs will be replaced by robots capable of automating tasks.

Considering that a 40% job loss to technology may result in rampant unemployment among the workforce, families may want to help their students develop a firm understanding of:
- financial literacy (personal finance and budgeting),
- lifestyle choices (needs vs wants),
- prognosticating when choosing potential future careers.
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Re: Technology may replace 40% of jobs in 15 years - 01/12/19 05:17 PM

I am still waiting for that paperless office that was supposed to be here 20 years ago and those shorter work hours.
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Re: Technology may replace 40% of jobs in 15 years - 01/28/19 01:29 PM

I sort of agree with this prediction. I actually give it about 20 years. What inspired that thought was stories like this: Big Swing: Robot Sportswriter Outperforms Human. That's the kind of under-the-radar report that I've seen turn into disruption in the past. As much as I'd like it to be robots, the real disruption is a dozen programmers writing software that can do the job of thousands of people for a small annual subscription fee.

I think the safe jobs are going to be the one's requiring a broken thing to be fixed. We've had visions of robots replacing production lines for a long time, but an automated mechanic/plumber/electrician doesn't come up much. I don't think it's impossible, but it's probably a lower priority.
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Recent WSJ article -

White-Collar Robots Are Coming for Jobs
A combination of AI and globalization could reshape the workforce like nothing we’ve seen before. Richard Baldwin, professor of International Economics at the Graduate Institute, Geneva, explains.
By Richard Baldwin
The Wall Street Journal
January 31, 2019
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I think it will be less than 10 years. Saw a speech by an AI expert at U of Toronto who said agi would be way off and 6 months later, a company announced that they were close and AGI would be within 5 years.

Besides the trades, there is also picking food. Even with AI in agriculture, someone has to pick the food.
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Re: Technology may replace 40% of jobs in 15 years - 03/20/19 09:45 AM

Just a few links related to this topic...

Machine Learning, a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Interesting vocabulary and translation:
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common usage - - Statistics - - - - - - - Machine Learning
target - - - - - - -- dependent variable - label
-- - - - - - - - - - - -variable - - - - - - - --feature
-- - - - - - - - - - - -transformation - - - -feature creation
Read about Data Mining and its uses, including predicting outcomes/performance/achievement in Education.
To what degree might the current encouragement for ALL pupils to go on to college be driven by the desire to collect a more robust set of data on the population?

Example of a successful application:
data analytics, used for focused marketing (2012).
How many human jobs might these analytics have replaced?

Example of mixed application:
No pilot required (or maybe having a knowledgeable human pilot who can override the system, is still a good idea?)

Example of unsuccessful application:
What happens when human cannot override machine? (Tesla)

Example of use in medical diagnosis:
doctors who may rely on AI... could miss out on learning

Related Article on AI and Engineering:
a growing number of narrow AIs that exceed human abilities

Related depiction in entertainment:
Sci-fi movie WALL-E (2008) Rated G
Robots (such as WALL-E and EVE) work, most people have nothing to do and suffer greatly for it.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) does not yet appear to be updated with information regarding the role of technology (AKA: Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, data analytics and other computer functions) in reducing jobs available for humans in the foreseeable future.

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Self-driving trucks begin mail delivery test for U.S. Postal Service
Heather Somerville
Business News
May 21, 2019 / 5:08 AM

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San Diego-based startup TuSimple said its self-driving trucks will begin hauling mail between USPS facilities in Phoenix and Dallas to see how the nascent technology might improve delivery times and costs.
The pilot program involves five round trips, each totaling more than 2,100 miles (3,380 km) or around 45 hours of driving.

Here is a link to the San Diego-based startup TuSimple.