Very useful paper on acceleration

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Very useful paper on acceleration - 03/18/11 09:12 PM

Acceleration for Gifted Students

This is a paper by Margaret DeLacy, created for the Portland, Oregon, public school district Talented and Gifted Advisory Committee. It was given to me by our principal, who found it in her research into what to do with DS8. It is not new research, but instead brings together a great deal of previous research into one place, and is a great piece of overwhelming evidence in favor of acceleration. The bibliography alone is pure gold. Hope this helps someone!
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Re: Very useful paper on acceleration - 03/19/11 10:58 AM

Irony... is... not... dead...


Sorry. It's really a wonderful document.

It's just too bad that apparently (still) nobody is listening.

I just don't want anyone to get the idea that Oregon is some kind of Utopia for gifted education-- nothing could be further from the truth in our experience. crazy
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Re: Very useful paper on acceleration - 03/19/11 10:03 PM

Yeah, she does make a note on the first page that the recommendations and stuff are still not being taken. But it's a fine collection of work, even on deaf ears. Sorry to hear that.