Schools with too much pressure

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Schools with too much pressure - 12/06/10 07:17 PM

My daughter had taken the MAP test since second grade. .Her scores have always been high and she has always been ahead in her class. NOw she is in sixth grade and she finds the math in her class really simple. I tell her to sit through it but I realized that she is bored in class. I've talked to the teachers and all they can say is that her test score's are to low. SHe obviously knows all the stuff that is going on in class. Her fall Map score for Math was 154. What should I do?
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Re: Schools with too much pressure - 12/07/10 03:15 AM

Here's a link about negative growth on the NWEA MAP. I would go over this with her and see if any of the reasons ring true with her. This part sounds the most likely:
Some students may "cherry pick" items on the test. That is, they will correctly answer items that are easy enough to solve quickly and guess on items that would take more work. This can lead to deflated scores.
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Re: Schools with too much pressure - 01/08/11 08:36 PM

Oh. Well I haven't been on this website in a while, but ill try that. It seems odd that she would get such a low score.
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Re: Schools with too much pressure - 04/19/11 05:19 AM

are you still considering homeschool?

Is your daughter putting her energy into social connections instead of academics?

What did her scores used to be like?

I would write a written letter telling the school that you suspect a learning disability because of your daughter's sudden decrease in MAP scores, and please do an evaluation. Hopefully that will produce useful information ( as in: IQ and Achievement scores are very high and she is bored out of her mind, possibly)

If that doesn't help, I would take her to a tester who can do the same and help you advocate with the school. Made sure that whoever you hire is willing to work with the school on your DD's behalf.

I would also suggest you do some journaling to go after some of the attitudes that gifted kids internalize and then turn on our children after we've grown up, specifically, complete this statement about 100 times until some tears pop out:

"Everyone knows that one is supposed to spend hours and hours in school listening to the teacher talk about stuff one already knows, and this means......."

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