STEM expansion

Posted by: DeHe

STEM expansion - 09/16/10 08:26 AM

Anybody see this? It was announced today. Its not explicitly gifted but it does seem like there will be more opportunities for our STEM focused kids. If it amounts to real offerings rather than lip service, this could be a significant step forward. Plus, for those not in gifted schools it seems like there will be a greater intensity placed on STEM which is likely not there now.


President Obama Announces New STEM Program
Posted by: Momma Bear

Re: STEM expansion - 09/16/10 02:56 PM

Sounds like this is a good step!
Posted by: AGVIgifted

Re: STEM expansion - 09/17/10 06:14 PM

Yes, I read about this yesterday. It seems like an excellent program, although some critics have said the program should include literature and history. I'm excited to see the results and impact this program will have on students.
Posted by: AGVIgifted

Re: STEM expansion - 09/30/10 11:07 PM

That makes WAY too much sense, master of none! Nonetheless, I agree with you. Students who are interested in the program will likely benefit and better demonstrate program effectiveness.