Processing speed and complex tasks

Posted by: Kai

Processing speed and complex tasks - 10/31/18 08:04 AM

I have this theory that processing speed for potentially complex tasks--meaning tasks for which there are multiple outcomes, ranging from an inability to perform the task through a simplistic interpretation all the way to complex and nuanced analysis--tends to go up with increasing IQ. An example would be how long it takes for a person to write to a potentially complex prompt (open ended, unlimited time).

Is this a thing? And if so, can you point me to any research that has confirmed it?

Posted by: aeh

Re: Processing speed and complex tasks - 11/05/18 08:11 PM

If you can obtain access to it anywhere, you might enjoy plowing through this special issue on mental speed:

Edit: actually, it appears you can download the whole issue, as it is open-access. Though I'm not sure if this is a totally legit journal, as there are articles arguing that the publisher has other not-legit journals, as well as those arguing that they have journals with recognition from respected organizations. So read with caution, I guess.
Posted by: Kai

Re: Processing speed and complex tasks - 11/07/18 08:08 AM

Thanks aeh!