Urgent Call To Participate In Study– Ends May 2018

Posted by: AnaisWongMA

Urgent Call To Participate In Study– Ends May 2018 - 04/02/18 07:04 PM

Research Focusing on Emotions as Intelligence

GIFTED TEENS, get involved! Fill out a short survey leading to more research for the gifted. Entire study online and mobile-friendly. Be part of a new wave of research focused entirely on gifted people with just a few clicks!

Get exclusive entertainment listing of gifted film and TV series.
Be the first to learn the study results.
Learn about the latest science on human intelligence.

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On a more personal note, this semester is my last chance to finish my dissertation. I know I have a lot to offer, be it for research or clinical purposes. But I won't be able to offer anything if I don't graduate by June. And since I am an international student this would mean making my career in my home country (population of 1.2 million) instead of in the US. Needless to say I would be of much greater use here. I really want to serve the gifted community and contribute to a better life for gifted people. Please help me be of service to you and our community!

Complete the measure – it will only take about 20-30 minutes (based on now available stats on average completion time).


Anaïs Wong, M.A.
Psy.D. Clinical Psychology Student - Sixth Year
California School of Professional Psychology
Alliant International University
Email: awongyuen@alliant.edu