Need participants for my doctoral research study!

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Need participants for my doctoral research study! - 11/28/17 06:40 PM


Is your child gifted and between 12-17 years old?
Does your family reside in the U.S.?
If so, consider participating in an exciting new research study on the development of intelligence and emotionality in gifted children!

My name is Anaïs Wong. I am completing a doctoral degree in clinical psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology in San Francisco, CA. I have worked intensively with gifted children and adults as part of my training at Summit Center (Walnut Creek, CA), was a research assistant for SENG's Medical Misdiagnosis of Gifted Children Initiative, and co-presented results with Dr. Stephen Chou and Dr. Jim Webb at the 2014 SENG conference. I plan to devote my career to research and care for the gifted. My doctoral thesis is the only remaining step to graduation to move on to serving the gifted community.

If you would like to participate, you will receive an exclusive research-based presentation on human intelligence and giftedness and be the first to learn of the study results!
To check if you’re eligible, click on
To contact me directly for more information, email me at

Thank you for your contribution to scientific research devoted to the gifted cause!
Anaïs Wong, M.A.
Doctoral Student in Clinical Psychology - Sixth Year
California School of Professional Psychology
Alliant International University
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Re: Need participants for my doctoral research study! - 12/12/17 05:52 AM

It would be helpful to list information about the study itself - study design, objective, duration :-).
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Re: Need participants for my doctoral research study! - 12/12/17 06:25 PM

The link provides details on the study. My question is - is the described 60 minutes for 2 assessments the full extent of the participation? No follow-up, future assessments, etc?
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Re: Need participants for my doctoral research study! - 12/13/17 03:32 PM

Research is on the joint development of intellect and emotionality in gifted youth.

For this study, volunteers complete 2 measures (40-60min):
- an online Questionnaire on personality
- an online Aptitude Test on emotions

Their parent/guardian give me (10-20min):
- volunteer's basic demographic information (age, gender, school grade, parents' level of education, etc.)
- volunteer's IQ score

Yes, 60 minutes is the full extent of participation for young volunteers, plus 10-20 minutes for parents. One time measures, no follow-up.

However, these are conservative estimates. The average time spent in completing the child measures has so far been 25.4 minutes. No average available for parents.

Thank you for your interest! I have worked hard to make this study as smooth as possible for participants. There is no other hidden commitment and it is all online: =]