SCAT scores??

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SCAT scores?? - 02/02/09 02:37 PM

Hi, Pud (7.5, 3rd grade) took the SCAT on Jan 23. I just got the results (pretty fast, I thought).

Verbal: 42/50, 83 percentile compared to grade 5, 445
Math: 42/50, 91 percentile compared to grade 5, 458

I haven't read the accompanying packet yet. We're not in the right region for awards. What do these scores tell me?
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Re: SCAT scores?? - 02/02/09 04:37 PM

Yes, chronologically, he should be in 2nd. If the scores are so good, why do I have this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach? Aack. What proposed course of action?

ETA: Oh, and thanks, Dottie!
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Re: SCAT scores?? - 02/02/09 05:57 PM

Hi Squirt,

I wanted to let you know that my dd (7y 2m) but in 2nd grade just took the SCAT too. Her scores are very similar but because of the younger grade, has a much higher percentile:

Verbal: 44/50 96 percentile 450
Math: 41/50 96 percentile 454

So your sons percentiles are really a good deal higher. I really wish they would do these based on age and NOT grade. Considering the population that's taking this test, it's actually pretty likely there are a good number of kids that are accelerated, so the grade isn't as meaningful.

And Dottie, you've got me curious about the "magical" cut. I'm very interested to hear more about this if you could please elaborate. I'm completely unfamiliar with it.
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Re: SCAT scores?? - 02/04/09 09:44 PM

Thanks Ruby and g3. I do wonder, Dottie, about the ones he missed. Did he just not understand or did he rush or what? But, I'm happy with the scores, it's just taken a while for it to sink in. Then, of course, the sick at the stomach thing is "what the heck do I do with this kid?".

I'm a little disappointed with their report. I guess I expected something a bit more individualized. Don't know why.

And, it's funny because both times I had him take the practice tests, he only got 4 out of 10 correct on the verbal! Ya just never know.

I appreciate the support.
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Re: SCAT scores?? - 02/05/09 09:36 AM

Very nice scores!
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Re: SCAT scores?? - 02/12/09 06:54 PM

Although I knew it would happen, it is still funny to get DS's SCAT scores before his explore scores. It at least broke up the wait a bit. No surprises but nice consistency over the 2 years. The Kiddo is excited since he will get invited to the recognition ceremony smile

Testing as an age appropriate 4th grader:

Verbal 39/50 scaled 461 (94th percentile)
Quantitative 36/50 scaled 469 (92th Percentile)

Now the explore results are the ones I think will be more interesting smile
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Re: SCAT scores?? - 02/12/09 08:27 PM

Yay, look like great scores to me! Does testing as an age appropriate 4th grader mean he took the 6th grade test and is compared to 6th graders?
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Re: SCAT scores?? - 02/13/09 09:59 AM

Yes, It would be so much more interesting to see how he compares to other gifted 4th graders smile
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Re: SCAT scores?? - 02/13/09 10:18 AM

Thanks Dottie!

The scores are nice and pretty much what I expected from him right now. He is in a stage where he WILL NOT take his time and think about his answers. I am just hoping that we can work him through this stage and that he will learn the value of slowing down jsut a touch smile
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Re: SCAT scores?? - 02/13/09 12:24 PM

Okay, Dottie, do you still have your booklet out? I can't make sense of the bar graphs. Would you do Pud as a 3rd grader and as a 2nd grader, please?
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Re: SCAT scores?? - 02/13/09 12:53 PM

I just signed up DS6 to take the SCAT in a week, so please keep that booklet out, Dottie! laugh
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Re: SCAT scores?? - 02/24/09 04:12 PM

Oh yes, I received the booklet with DS8's results through the mail yesterday. smile It has all the info Dottie mentioned above... on the frequency, SD and mean. The table I have is between Sep 2007 - Mar 2008. I wonder if the number of kids taking the test each year is about the same?

Originally Posted By: Dottie
Oh nothing magical...I was just referring to the little canned blurbs that CTY uses in the report booklet you should have gotten with your scores. They describe somewhat generic solutions for kids scoring at the 50th percentile, the 75th and the 90th. The really "radical" sounding options are reserved for the 90th.

I was looking out for the options esp. for the >90th but was kind of disappointed with the recommendations as they seemed nothing new ? - working with older students in a particular subj, fast-paced individulised instruction etc. (but I would assume that it is the same booklet that is being given to all).

U are right abt the feeling when receiving the scores Dottie. I wonder too why I paid the money to see these results on paper. LOL! I better put them into good use!

BTW, DS8 tested for the grade 3 level with 458 for Verbal and 477 for Math. grin
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Re Dottie: A question for scaled scores of SCAT - 04/07/09 07:32 PM

Hi, Dottie,

I got a question and wondering if you may help.

My kid is in 5th grade and just got SCAT result from mail as 99%ile on math and 88%ile on verbal of SCAT Test respectively. Percentile is based on ninth grade norms. Can you tell what his raw scores of math and verbal are? More importantly what are scaled scores correspondingly?

Thanks a lot,

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Re: Dottie: A question for scaled scores of SCAT - 04/08/09 06:03 AM

Thanks Dottie,

The Test was taken on 2/11/2009 at school. The test is used for finding GT students of 6th grade of middle schools in incoming August. The testing notification only tells percentile and said percentile based on ninth grade norms.

What does norms for 6th Spring to 9th Fall means? Because I don't know much about the SCAT, I guess Form 3 maybe the one. Can you take a guess on scaled scores?


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Re: Dottie: A question for scaled scores of SCAT - 04/08/09 08:36 AM

I will take following:
section raw score | scaled score
math 46 500
verbal 40 465

and believe these scores are VERY accurate!

Once the Spring Break is over next Tuesday, I will get raw scores from school. And probably what norm is used for the test.

I really appreciate all of your helps.
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Re: Dottie: follow up question for SCAT - 04/09/09 07:51 AM

Hi Dottie,

I notice that it is very difficult for a 5th grader to answer all questions correctly in Verbal part of the test because even 9th grade curriculum in public high school may only cover a small part of vocabulary on the test.

Do you happen to know who is authority for designing and issuing of SCAT Test, Educational Testing Service ( I know the CTY is marketing SCAT. The website of ETS or CTY doesn't have description of underlying design principle of SCAT.

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Re: Dottie: A question for scaled scores of SCAT - 04/16/09 04:54 AM

Hi Dottie,

6 days ago you help me to "guess" scaled scores of SCAT. Yesterday I got information from school. Here is the update. It is SCAT - Advanced Level Form Y. Based on their raw score to percentile conversion in Form Y, 99%ile in math will be 44 to 50 on raw score. As you said it is a ceiling score so you can not tell what the exact raw score it is. 88%ile in verbal will be 36 raw score.

Is Advanced Level Form Y the Form 3 or Form 2 as you mention last time? It seems it close to Form 2, but I maybe wrong.

Thanks again for all of helps.

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Re: SCAT scores?? - 03/16/10 06:30 AM

I found a SCAT math practice site. It may be helpful.
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Re: SCAT scores?? - 03/16/10 01:27 PM

RE: 120perhour
Author of this practice has not seen any of the tests. But author has the SCAT sample mini test from Johns Hopkins University CTY.
Seems to me, the actual mini test would be just as good, if not better, and not to mention free.
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Re: SCAT scores?? - 03/16/10 02:16 PM

Originally Posted By: Floridama

Seems to me, the actual mini test would be just as good, if not better, and not to mention free.

But then the proprietress of the website that was "found with google" wouldn't be able to make her $120 per hour. (At least the recent purveyors of quality imitation shoes & jewelry were a little more genuine in their approach.)

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Re: SCAT scores?? - 03/19/10 04:44 PM

Hello everyone! I am new here. My DS8.1 (2nd grade) took SCAT test last week. I've got his scores on MyCTY and I am still waiting for the mail. Could anyone has the booklet help me to figure out his percentile compare to other 2nd grader?

Test Form eY2
Test Norm 4S
Verbal 40/50 446 93%
Quantitative 46/50 463 99%

He attends a regular public school. Last week they had a gifted screening test (Raven's Progressive Matrices Plus). Usually there were 70% of students would identify as gifted although I am not sure the cut off percentile is 95 or 98. Due to lack of funds, they will not have any pull-out program. Differentiation is not always applying to every class. My son's teacher knows he is an outstanding student on academic. If my son's SCAT scores are high enough among the participants, maybe I should let his teacher know. I don't want the teacher thinking I am bragging or something. I just want to let her know my son is able to do something more.
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Re: SCAT scores?? - 03/19/10 05:53 PM


Welcome. Those are super scores - really very strong. There is a way to compare to the other kids once you get the full explanation in the mail in a couple weeks - they give you the full numbers so you can calculate it out - but you can't compare to the general second grade population, only to others who took the test. The 93% and 99% refer to where your DS would score compared to 4th graders, so yes, he would likely be able to do substantially more.

Start reading and hanging out around here - you will start to get some ideas about how to advocate for your son and for more advanced work.

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Re: SCAT scores?? - 01/22/16 08:32 AM

An old thread - but in case anyone lands here looking for similar data, as I did - JH now publishes the full details of each annual set of tests - by grade, by sex, by number of takers, mean, median, SD, etc., along with a table of the actual number of takers at each score, and the percentile with that score.

This answers the question of how someone did relative to all of the students who took the same test, vs. the percentile within a 2-5 year older set of students.

Latest, for 2014, is here -

Replace 2014 with the year, back to 2010, to get prior data.
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Re: SCAT scores?? - 12/09/20 02:48 AM


I am new poster and am looking for some help with analysing some SCAT scores for my daughter.

She took the elementary SCAT test as a third grader. Level and form EWO.

Her scores were verbal 41/50 with a scaled score of 448 and quantitative 48/50 with a scaled score of 469.

The only percentile information I have is benchmarked against other third graders who also took the SCAT. Does anyone know where I might be able to compare her percentiles against the normed population for the test?

Thank you.