Confidence Intervals

Posted by: MM19

Confidence Intervals - 04/14/22 11:06 PM

We are awaiting the official report from WISC test. But I was told that my childís GAI and NVI scores fall in DYS range if they accept 95% confidence intervals. His VECI score was 149. My question is whether confidence intervals are accepted as qualifying scores for DYS or if they are sticklers for the actual median of the interval. Iím hoping his VECI score is acceptable even if his median scores fall a point or so short. His processing speed score seems to pull down the GAI. I can ask for academic testing but if these scores will be enough to qualify- Iíd rather not prolong the process.
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Re: Confidence Intervals - 04/19/22 04:53 PM

Welcome, MM19!

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Test scores are a snapshot at a moment in time, they alone do not tell the full story about a person's intelligence profile. It is my understanding that the DYS application is evaluated holistically. Lead with your best vignettes and nomination/recommendation, in addition to the scores.
More info at the DYS FAQs link:
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Re: Confidence Intervals - 04/21/22 08:17 AM

We just applied to DYS and I asked a similar question in a different forum. Several parents of DYS replied and the consensus was that if you have scores that meets the qualification criteria, they will not reject based the score report also including other scores that are not high enough. VECI is listed as one of the scores that qualify on its own, so I think you should be OK to apply without additional testing. Caveat: We don't know the outcome of our application yet, so this is solely based on what other parents told me.
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Re: Confidence Interval - 04/21/22 03:51 PM

Veci stand-alone over 145 meets eligibility requirement. You should be fine.

Donít over think it. At the end of the day they are a non profit that advocate for eg kids. I feel that they are always trying to be inclusive rather than exclusive.
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Re: Confidence Interval - 04/22/22 01:09 PM

We just got the result of our application. DS was accepted and is now a DYS!
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Re: Confidence Interval - 04/23/22 02:46 PM

Oh yay! Answers that question. smile
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Re: Confidence Interval - 04/23/22 03:39 PM

Emigee, that's wonderful news. Thanks for sharing. May your family find the support you need to help your gifted child navigate the school years... and also opportunities to help others on their journey.
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Re: Confidence Interval - 04/23/22 07:07 PM

Congratulations Emigee - itís doubly great that your news would also be very heartening for OP.
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Re: Confidence Interval - 04/26/22 07:10 PM

I didnít realize my post had been approved so Iím late to the conversation 😂 Congrats Emigee! That is exciting news!!! We are still waiting for our official report - didnít realize it would be as long of a waiting game but the report has to be signed off on by multiple psychologists at the University so itís a process. Iím grateful for everyoneís feedback and we will hopefully apply in May! Iím meeting with our local school administrators tomorrow to discuss gifted advocacy so I am trying to do everything I can to make sure my son has the support he needs!
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Re: Confidence Intervals - 04/26/22 07:14 PM

Thanks for explaining that partÖ I had started to disappear but came back to check and realized my post had been approved 😊
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Re: Confidence Interval - 04/27/22 07:44 AM

Thank you, everyone! I've barely begun to explore the DYS program but it already looks like it could be extremely helpful, so I am very grateful DS was admitted.

MM19, I hope you do apply and also have good news for us soon!
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Re: Confidence Intervals - 06/09/22 10:52 AM

Thanks Everyone! Got acceptance letter today for DYS!!!!
Posted by: indigo

Re: Confidence Intervals - 06/09/22 06:38 PM

Thanks for the update, I'm thrilled to hear your good news.
I hope that the resources and opportunities offered by the DYS program are a wonderful benefit to your family and especially to your gifted one's educational experience and childhood memories.

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Re: Confidence Intervals - 06/27/22 02:08 PM

MM19, I just saw this update. Congrats!