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New here, seeking guidance - 04/17/20 11:21 AM

Like so many parents, it seems, I've got a newly tested child and questions about the results. DS8 completed the WISCV with an FSIQ 131 and subtest scores as follows:

VCI 133
VS 141
FR 106
WM 127
PS 114

I have read enough here and elsewhere to understand that lower WM and/or PS scores are somewhat common, but Im puzzled by the low FR, especially since DS8 seems to have always excelled at any sort of abstract thinking challenges in the past. Honestly, he checks so many boxes of a "highly gifted" child, Im surprised (not complaining, just surprised) that his FSIQ was not higher. Im wondering if anyone has any insight of the significance of a low FRI?
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Re: New here, seeking guidance - 04/30/20 12:35 PM


As he is just into the age where IQ scores start to stabilize, and (I assume) this was his first formal testing experience, there may be factors other than his pure cognition that affected his formal test scores. That being said, it is possible to be GT and to have a profile such as this.

The best measure of overall ability in most persons is the FSIQ, which is in the GT range in this case. At the Index level, it appears that your DC is strongest in visual spatial thinking, with verbal reasoning and short-term memory not far behind (the WMI would not be considered significantly lower than either his overall performance or the other index scores). As you note, the PSI is very much in the range often recorded for GT children. The real outlier is certainly the FRI--which, remember, is not remotely below average, just below his other strengths. Assuming that this is a real result, my experience with this sort of profile in the past has been that in some cases, similar learners are less adept at cognitive shift, or flexibility in thinking, problem solving, and adapting strategies. That's where the "fluid" in Fluid Reasoning comes in. Another thought is that the profile sometimes reflects a more linear-sequential thinking style, rather than a lateral-simultaneous-associative style. It's hard to say with more clarity based only on the cognitive index scores.

With respect to your specific DC, if you feel comfortable providing a bit of a fuller picture, perhaps the community can offer some other ideas more tailored to your situation. What was the stimulus for seeking out evaluation? What kinds of IRL strengths and challenges do you see? What's an example of his abstract thinking strengths?
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Re: New here, seeking guidance - 05/01/20 10:33 AM

Thank you so much for the thoughtful reply. Unfortunately, the test was administered just as closures and lockdowns began, and we have not been able to sit down with the psychologist who administered the test yet. Although he has certainly been on our "radar" as likely GT, we did not specifically seek testing, but rather were looking for a counselor for our son. In addition to his intelligence he exhibits extreme perfectionism, is intensely emotional and struggles socially. Testing was at the request of the psychologist, who has since told us that he became increasingly distressed during testing, especially on timed subtests. He refused to quit trying to solve the questions, even after his time ran out. She noted that it was during the FRI subtests that he was fatigued and extremely distraught, but he refused to rest or stop the testing. This is fairly typical behavior for him, and one of the main reasons we are seeking counseling. He truly checks all of the boxes of a highly gifted child, scores notwithstanding, and it's hard to see him struggling.
Again, thank you for taking the time to reply. Im happy to have found this site. The information and advice are invaluable.
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Re: New here, seeking guidance - 05/01/20 04:38 PM

Did she give you any indication regarding the subtests that comprise the FRI? One of them is untimed, while the other has time limits. If the untimed one is markedly higher, that would suggest that the index score is a likely underestimate.

I should also note that actually the behavior you are describing as typical of your DC is consistent with a young person who has relative challenges with cognitive shift, which would suggest that the index score--while possibly a low estimate of abstract thinking--may still reflect a genuine neurocognitive profile with regard to weaker adaptability. It's important to understand that the different dimensions represented by the index scores are interleaved among each other during administration, so that his very strong performance on both VSI subtests occurred on either side of one of the FRI subtests that the examiner describes as associated with fatigue and distress, which tends to support the idea that there is something authentically associated with the FRI tasks in particular that triggers this distress--not solely attributable to his overall perfectionism.

In short, you may be looking at a twice exceptionality of some sort, which further evaluation (or other aspects of evaluation that have not yet been reported) by your psych should help to elucidate.
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Re: New here, seeking guidance - 05/06/20 02:54 PM

Aeh is eerily perceptive when it comes to these tests. It’s like she can peer through the screen. Or maybe it’s science, whatever (haha). I am just chiming in to say that while my child’s scores are different than this, they follow a similar pattern. My child is very 2e. Please continue your evaluations, they may be very helpful.
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Re: New here, seeking guidance - 05/07/20 06:56 AM

I have assumed that aeh is an education psychologist who has administered these tests. Years ago, I was interested in purchasing one of these IQ testing sets but was given to understand one had/has to have appropriate formal qualifications to purchase them.
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Re: New here, seeking guidance - 05/08/20 05:21 AM

Sorry, yes, it was my way of trying to be funny but also a nod to aeh who is especially “gifted” in this subject, even among her peers in the field.
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Re: New here, seeking guidance - 05/17/20 12:30 PM

DD has been tested since she was 2 since there is a gifted preschool in NYC. She is now 15. My advice: One size does not fit all. Every kid is different. Motivationally, personality, interests.

You need to find what works to motivate and interest your child so that they find passion and excitement. And if your kid doesn't sound like some other gifted kid, don't fret. The parent responsibility in my opinion is to help the child find all the options and possibilities out there. And encourage them. extroverts are harder than introverts. And getting them on a path is harder. I have an extrovert. but now that she is settled in her motivation and displine which was really, really hard, she is excelling exponentially. So no rules apply. figure out your kid and what he//she needs and try and make it work.