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Accommodations - PSAT - 10/14/19 07:03 PM

DD14 was approved for accommodations from the College Board in about 3 days. Very easy. However, the individual who oversees the testing at our school is brand new. DD is approved to "answer in booklet" and type her essays. The new guy wants to know how this all works. Is it really as easy as DD will just use her pencil to circle the correct answer in the paper booklet? And the typing - how does that actually work on test day?

I appreciate the information.
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Re: Accommodations - PSAT - 10/15/19 05:17 AM

1. Answer in booklet: haven't had this come up with a student in a while...but if I recall correctly, the proctor transfers her answers into the bubble sheet after the fact.

2. Typed response: she uses a school computer with spellcheck, word prediction, and other editing features turned off. The proctor prints her essay and short-answer responses, and appends them to the test documents.

Full directions for administering with accommodations come with the test packet. Although it may not be required for her specific accommodations, the new guy should be prepared to assign an entire proctor and testing room just to administer your DD's test.
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Re: Accommodations - PSAT - 10/15/19 05:22 PM

Thank you so much. We needed the very practical information. We no longer live in America so things get a little tricky sometimes.