Posting IQ test results/Intepretration of them

Posted by: Mark D.

Posting IQ test results/Intepretration of them - 04/12/16 12:04 PM

Hello everyone,

Weve noticed an increase in posts on this forum disclosing results of IQ tests, often containing personally identifiable health/psychological information. Some of the IQ (and CogAT, etc.) threads are providing a level of detail that would allow posters and/or their children to be identified, and are approaching or surpassing the boundary of too much being disclosed. Our forum rules state that members must be mindful when providing test scores or other detailed information. We will be forced to delete posts/threads that contain personally identifiable information, so we ask that you please keep this in mind.

If seeking specific medical/psychological advice, we also recommend working with a professional with testing experience who can provide you with specific recommendations meant solely for your child. While members of this forum can provide their opinions, the background information they are receiving is very limited, with no way of knowing the best course of action for a particular student who is being discussed.

Thank you please let me know if you have any questions.
All best,
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Re: Posting IQ test results/Intepretration of them - 04/11/17 10:58 AM

Hi, I posted a question asking for help reading my son's WISC-IV scores a couple days ago. I don't see it posted and I assumed either the website ate the post or I just didn't click Submit and clicked away and didn't realize it. Can you tell me if my post was intentionally deleted? I understand if it was-I just would like to know. Thanks! (fwiw my pictures of his results don't have any personal info on them, so anyone I share them with will have no idea of his identity.)
Posted by: kjs

Re: Posting IQ test results/Intepretration of them - 04/11/17 11:23 AM

No, there were no pictures or even links, I was just asking someone to help interpret the numbers and I would PM whoever was up for it. I think I just forgot to post it :P
Posted by: Putnam01

Re: Posting IQ test results/Intepretration of them - 02/15/19 12:55 PM

I posted my child's score and had a question about acceptance into Davidson but don't see my post, was it not approved? I had no identifiable info in my post
Posted by: Yanaz

Re: Posting IQ test results/Intepretration of them - 01/16/20 01:42 PM

Hello !
Im new here ,
Need your help!

My son , he is in 4th grade now , took an assessment last year ( 3rd grade ) . It called NNAT3 ( intellectual ability category ) . And our district ( LAUSD) sent me his result , just one paper that says 99.7 ( percentile rank)
They putted him on HGA program.
How can I interpret his score ?
Any information bout this test please
Posted by: indigo

Re: Posting IQ test results/Intepretration of them - 03/05/20 02:21 AM

Yanaz - the local expert on this forum is aeh.

If you have detailed test scores, you may wish to contact aeh via the Private Message (PM) feature of the forum.

If you want to ask about the NNAT3, in general, a great way to do that is to start a new discussion thread.

You can also use the Advanced Search feature of the forum, to see if there are other posts over time, which provide the information you are seeking.