Therapist needed

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Therapist needed - 06/18/20 02:44 PM

We need a therapist for our DD15 to treat anxiety and depression. I have contacted many on SENG and Hoagies, but they seem to be either incredibly expensive (out of network so we pay a big portion of the bill) or of the group that cannot offer telehealth. If anyone here has some names, I would appreciate it. I will check PM's as well if you want to contact me there.
Thank you.
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Re: Therapist needed - 06/18/20 04:50 PM

I do not have a name to suggest but I understand that this has been an ongoing issue so I wanted to take a moment to lend support; I wish you all the best.

In terms of cost, from my perspective giving this child the tools to overcome her ongoing suffering would be worth the expense, if at all affordable by making sacrifices in other areas of the budget. Personally, I would focus on a good "fit" in a relationship with the therapist: priceless!

Tips for Parents: Selecting the right Counselor or Therapist for your Gifted Child
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Re: Therapist needed - 06/18/20 06:27 PM

I looked very seriously at working with Dr Grobman in NY, who wrote an article about gifted teens/young adults and under achievement that we all discussed here a while ago. He was happy to do telehealth and could work with us even though we are not in the USA. He seemed like a perfect fit for our child, but we were completely unable to afford what it would have cost given overseas treatment would have been 100% self funded, plus currency conversion being horrendous... I did try to convince my husband we should try to do at least a few sessions but we really just can't. I have no idea how he might align with your location, insurance, etc, but it might be worth looking into?
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Re: Therapist needed - 06/19/20 06:04 AM

I will be happy to share what we have found to be moderately effective with our DD15 in the NJ are with access to be NYC and Philly resources.

It is painful to write this but our DD15 has suffered from depression and anxiety for years. Last summer she asked for help with it - she has been (during her nadir, at grave risk of self harm). She also turned out to have attention deficits which her giftedness had masked for years. We have gone the route of DBT (very good practice in the Princeton area), counseling and prescribed medications.

We initially tried just DBT alone and then more counseling which consumed just too many hours per week on top of 3 AP classes (calc BC, chem and bio) which she did not want to give up. We dropped the counseling for now. The counselor is in Englewood and she was quite helpful to my wife and I giving us some good insights into our own reactions to our DD.

Through some friends in the Philly area who are Psychiatrists themselves we learned of a great child psychiatrist who has prescribed medications to help our DD ‘reboot’ her brain. The results have been promising. From my catching DD still slogging away at 2am she was getting her homework done and was able to socialize online on evenings and weekends which is a major transformation!

She is much better organized and happier these days. It seems that Minecraft is cool again and she has a gaggle if friends with whom is is regularly Minecrafting or D&Ding for hours at a time now it is summer.

I resisted going the pharmaceutical route for a long time but now regret doing that after seeing our DD so much happier.

Sharing all of this hoping that it will help others.

I will be happy to share names etc over PM but not on a post to a public forum. PM me if you want more details.
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Re: Therapist needed - 06/19/20 11:06 AM

We also live overseas (expats) which, as you state, makes the whole situation trickier. And the costs higher. I will check him out though. Thank you kindly for passing along a name.
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Re: Therapist needed - 06/19/20 11:13 AM

madeinuk, just PM'd you. And I will add that we are experimenting with meds for the depression. DD has been on ADHD meds for years so we have seen how helpful they can be.
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Re: Therapist needed - 06/20/20 03:09 AM

madeinuk, I'm so sorry to hear your DD has been going through such a rough time. I know how terrifying depression in your child can be. I am so glad she is doing so well now, and I hope you are too. Take care.
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Re: Therapist needed - 09/07/20 08:27 AM

Originally Posted By: MumOfThree
... Dr Grobman in NY, who wrote an article about gifted teens/young adults and under achievement that we all discussed here a while ago.

For future readers of this forum, here is a link to the discussion mentioned (July 2019):
Parenting and Advocacy forum -
Early College Entrance - radically early (page 4)

Here are links to the underachievement resources:
Age or Ability Specific Forums - Adult -
Underachievement in Exceptionally Gifted Adults

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Re: Therapist needed/update - 10/12/20 02:52 PM

I have been following the topic started by Anistropic, and it has almost moved me to tears. Our DD15 is struggling so much, and it is frightening. We are on our 2nd script for depression, and while it appeared to be working, DD is back to that scary negative place she was in a couple of months ago. The therapist did not work out, and I am looking at those on the anxiety/depression organization website who offer telehealth. As many discussed on the Anistropic thread, DD struggles with imposter syndrome, hates school, and in incredibly anxious on top of it. What is so sad, too, is the parental stress this causes. We cannot share with the family nor many friends due to lack of understanding. It's a lonely road. So sad that many of us parents have to look to forums like this for support.
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Re: Therapist needed/update - 10/12/20 05:33 PM

So sorry to read this, greenlotus. Sending virtual hugs and support to you and your daughter.
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Re: Therapist needed/update - 10/12/20 05:35 PM

I feel for you and your DD. I am so sorry that she is struggling so much. I know you are already doing the right parenting things, but it doesn't change how hard this is. Hugs to you and her.
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Re: Therapist needed/update - 10/12/20 09:06 PM

Greenlotus I sent you a PM
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Re: Therapist needed/update - 10/14/20 04:13 AM

Greenlotus, sending a huge pile of hugs and mountains of empathy. It is so hard, *so* hard and so scary to watch our children suffer like this. I know how isolated you must feel, but want to send all the virtual support and thinking of you that I can.