social distancing has been mandated before...

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social distancing has been mandated before... - 03/16/20 04:00 PM

Evidently this type of social distancing has been mandated before... during the 1918 outbreak of the Spanish flu.

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How U.S. Cities Tried to Halt the Spread of the 1918 Spanish Flu
by David Roos
published March 11, 2020
updated March 16, 2020
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How U.S. city officials responded to the Spanish flu played a critical role in how many residents lived—and died.

With all of the scientific, technological, and medical advances in the past 100 years, how much have we learned?
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Re: social distancing has been mandated before... - 03/28/20 10:58 AM

A quick change in COVID-19 (coronavirus) terminology:

"Social Distancing" was introduced as a term encouraging 6 feet of separation from strangers and persons outside your immediate household.
"Physical Distancing" is the new term for it... as social distancing made some people feel lonely, cutoff, and socially isolated despite keeping in touch with others through technology.

The change was introduced by WHO (World Health Organization).
Article... 'WHO changes 'social distancing' to 'physical distancing,' by Matthew Hart, Nerdist, March 23, 2020:
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Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, an infectious disease epidemiologist and COVID-19 technical lead, said that she and her colleagues are exchanging “social distancing” for “physical distancing” because while keeping physical distance from people is essential for mitigating the spread of COVID-19, that “doesn’t mean that socially, we have to disconnect from our loved ones, from our family.”

Van Kerkhove added, “We want people to still remain connected, so find ways to do that, ways through the internet and different social media, to remain connected, because your mental health going through this, is just as important as your physical health.”