NYC public schools

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NYC public schools - 09/18/19 07:07 AM

Here is a long article about a parent's experiences with the NYC public schools. The initiative "to get rid of competitive admissions for middle school—grades, tests, attendance, behavior" is discussed.

When the Culture War Comes for the Kids
by George Packer
The Atlantic
October 2019 Issue
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Re: NYC public schools - 09/18/19 06:08 PM

thanks for the link. Read it. Reminded me of my early days of applying to preschool in NYC.

And Dd ended up a one of those private public. We did raise 1MM per annum to pay for teachers, computer lab etc.

But very sad about the current system. I hate the Charter schools. Though they did serve a purpose in the old system for kids in underpriveleged neighborhoods. I met a lot of lower income minority parents who had their kids in charter schools. But it works for informed parents.