Big Big Changes

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Big Big Changes - 03/20/14 05:48 PM

I haven't posted in a while. Some of yall probably remember me. DD just turned 7 two weeks ago. She is PG and a DYS. We currently live on an island in Alaska in the middle of the bering sea. 800 airmiles from anything. This has been such a challenge for us with DD. Lack of opportunity, only a small group of kids to find peers, and lack of decent internet and speed has hindered even online opportunities, but all that is about to change! We leave Saturday to move to New Mexico, a small town 20 mins for Santa Fe. We are still planning on homeschooling, but I am so looking forward to other opportunities for DD, for better internet, for being able to drive places! Another big change- after 7 years since a rough pregnancy with DD we finally decided to try again, and I am currently pregnant with a little boy. Crazy changes, but super excited. Anyone in New Mexico? Near Santa Fe? Let me know smile
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WooHOO! Good luck! smile
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Good luck!!
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Congratulations!!! Have a safe and easy move!
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Big changes indeed!
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Whole new wardrobe! Keep us posted on everything.
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Congratulations. smile

I've only been to Santa Fe once long time ago and my visit was too short but I'd imagine that it's just the kind of place that has a thriving homeschooling community. Taos is such a lovely town too and it's a short distance away. It'd definitely be a very different experience!
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Amazedmom -- I have wondered about you and your dd, so its great to see your post about the exciting changes in your lives. I have lived only a few months in the Santa Fe area many years ago (before kids) but have visited many times. New Mexico is a unique, stunningly beautiful place, steeped in history. The region is also a center for both arts and science, and I am sure you will find many stimulating learning and social opportunities there for your children. Best wishes!

(There is a novel that takes place in NM that our family *loved* called "The Green Glass Sea." The main character is an intelligent and feisty girl plopped in the middle of the Manhattan project. Our kids were a little older than your dd when they first read it (9-10 yo?) and the particular historical theme is obviously challenging for little ones, so use your judgement.)
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Congratulations on all counts!!
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Congratulations, that will be quite the change. Only been to Santa Fe a few times but I have relatives that live there anre really enjoy the area. I bet your daughter will love the children's museum. ( And I know there are lots of great opportunities & homeschooling communities for your daughter.
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Congratulations all round! I've been there, surprisingly enough. Interesting part of the world!
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Congratulations! I've been wondering about you every now and then. My DS7 was accepted as a DYS around the same time as your DD.

Looking forward to hearing more from you after you get settled!
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Exciting stuff! Best of luck.
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Congratulations and enjoy your new adventure!
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Out of interest what is the political climate towards high LOG children in Santa Fe?
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Glad to hear it! I bet you'll find great resources/community!