Self-haircuts and Hello Kitty

Posted by: Val

Self-haircuts and Hello Kitty - 04/21/11 01:23 PM

My six-year-old cut her hair this morning because "it was blinding me!!!" The hair on the top right portion of her scalp is now of varying lengths, from "shaved" to about an inch.

I asked her why she didn't just brush it instead, and she yelled, "I HATE brushing my hair!!" My husband started to chuckle. This made me chuckle. DD did not chuckle. She looked angry. I stroked what was left of her hair and told her that I loved her. As I left the room, I heard DH saying that perhaps she could "try a short haircut; would you like that?" She did not like that. DH ventured that maybe we could "even it out."

I thought that, no, that option would result in a punk-rocker-skinhead look. This is fine if you're old enough to pay for your own haircut, but the style would be somehow incongruous, I think, on a six-year-old girl who favors Hello Kitty shirts.

I didn't verbalize these thoughts, though. DD had already displayed that "OhNo-I-am-realizing-that-I-just-made-a-major-mistake" look that can foretell a major breakdown if things are handled the wrong way. We didn't need (more) tears at that moment.

And yet..."Hello Kitty goes skinhead." That I would like to see. I'm envisioning a bald kitty with manky torn ribbon hanging off her ear, and a liter bottle of hard cider clutched at her side. Plus a cigarette dangling from her mouth (with a touch of ash on the whiskers) for bad measure.


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Re: Self-haircuts and Hello Kitty - 04/21/11 01:40 PM


I see that you view such things with the same mental process that I do, then. whistle

Hopefully her hair will grow back quickly. BTDT. My DD has always hated having her hair brushed (or brushing it herself) as well.
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Re: Self-haircuts and Hello Kitty - 04/21/11 02:07 PM

OMG . I hope you are getting major photo documentation of her new 'do. I sure wish my mom had taken photos of the scalloped bangs I gave myself with the nail scissors at about the same age.

And yes, I too HATED brushing my hair. Actually, I still don't actually brush it very often, but I digress...
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Re: Self-haircuts and Hello Kitty - 04/21/11 08:09 PM

Eek! I can't believe it. Oh no...

Hide the suPer glue before she gets any ideas.
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Re: Self-haircuts and Hello Kitty - 04/21/11 09:23 PM

lol, it older dd gave my younger dd a cut one time even showed me how she did it grrrr ....and I did it to myself when I was 3 or 4 cut my bangs to nothing and also used my brothers butchwax, my mom said it took weeks to get that stuff out, good news it grows back...
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Re: Self-haircuts and Hello Kitty - 04/22/11 04:16 AM

LOL! DD did this in K three days before picture day. Bangs cut right up to the scalp etc. When we went to hair dresser she thought he would "fix" it. Apparently she thought he could make it look the way it did before she cut it and one look in the mirror when he finished sent her crying hysterically under a chair. I will say - She never cut her hair again AND we have the school picture to "treasure" the moment.
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Re: Self-haircuts and Hello Kitty - 04/28/11 11:18 AM

Hello Kitty barrettes can camouflage the area;-)
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Re: Self-haircuts and Hello Kitty - 04/28/11 11:19 AM

Very cute. My son once butchered his hair with scissors, right down to the scalp. For us it was no big deal-- he just got a shaved head or mohawk that month.
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Re: Self-haircuts and Hello Kitty - 04/28/11 11:41 AM

Too funny! MY DD also got tired of having bangs once and cut them off at the scalp. I guess thats a pretty common solution at that age!

They do make nice big head bands and bandanas that work well in these situations.

My brother gave me a random butcher chop do when I was about 3, we were trying to hatch eggs from the fridge by putting them in a homemade nest under the bed (growing our own pets), he decided we needed feathers and my hair was the closest thing... Mom was not pleased.

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Re: Self-haircuts and Hello Kitty - 04/28/11 01:09 PM

I love that story!

I love all the stories in this thread.

I bought my daughter some loud flowery hair clips last night. They do indeed camouflage a lot (or, indeed, a little, if you get my meaning).