Underachieving/not displaying

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Underachieving/not displaying - 02/17/08 03:32 AM

We had our DD4 and our DS6 tested SB5 about 1 year ago now, DS is PG and DD is EG. Our DS has been accelerated 1 year, he is coping but the school believes he is not performing as a GT child should be. We are very concerned as the school is also seeing this with our DD. Could the test be wrong? Is it worth getting them retested?
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Re: Underachieving/not displaying - 02/17/08 06:49 AM

Maybe you could start by asking them for specifics?

How do you identify a GT child?
What characteristics do you look for?
What kind of performance are you looking for?
What are your published guidelines for acceptance into GT programs?
What are your specific concerns that DS and DD are not performing as a GT child should.

There could be a whole bunch of reasons why the school is not able to recongnize their talents. I'd see what you are dealing with before you consider that both of your children's tests scores are innacurate.

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Re: Underachieving/not displaying - 02/18/08 02:45 AM

Thanks for that. I think more questioning is in order (one of those mums again) I am starting to get used to it. Yes both my children are displaying GT behaviour at home, although sometimes the behaviours we see as standard are pointed out as not by other parents, friends and family, our general response to this is " Oh but all kids are like that aren't they". It is difficult for us sometimes to see the difference as that is all we know.
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Re: Underachieving/not displaying - 02/18/08 03:15 AM

"Gifted" is a funny term. Everyone used it differently. Some of us parents have 'Gifted Denial.' Many gifted children are born to parents who are themselves gifted, and grew up with many gifted sibs, cousins, aunts and uncles, etc. so certian behavior that looks 'gifted' to ND (Normally Developing - my phrase) folks looks normal to us. That is to be expected. But it is confusing. For a long time I just thought I was 'weird' and hoped my 'weirdness' wouldn't 'rub off' on my sweet baby. Now I joke about 'the taint' as so much of this is genetic, and it feels like history can't be escaped.

BTW - most teachers come from ND families and only see a few 'regular gifted' kids per year (top 2%ish) and only see kids like yours once every 30 years. Can you be suprised that the teacher see things very differently than you with your sibs, cousins, etc. (assuming that you grew up with your biologicals?)

Have you sat in the classroom and observed what is going on? I think that's the best way to see if DS6 is working at his readiness level, lost, or bored silly. YOu know him best.

Hee Hee - I used to assume that when my friend's kids were alone with their moms they were acting just like my kid did when alone with me. Actually no. Every way of developing is good, but the key is that someone can percieve the child's readiness level, and get them into an academic situation that sort of matches it.

My advice is 'watch and learn' - can this be done? also, call your psychologist and ask for help. But don't look to retesting as the next step. Look at alternative school options! This ISN'T your Fault!

Love and More Love,
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Re: Underachieving/not displaying - 02/19/08 10:07 AM

"Since the beginning of the year, he'd been telling me that everything was repetition and he couldn't stand all the waiting for everyone else to master the concepts. But at the same time he was bringing home math papers with tons of careless calculation errors or missing dollar signs, etc. His language arts essay questions got answers of maybe two sentences. I talked to the teacher and tried to get him to differentiate or accelerate DS further. I was told that when he gets A's on all of his work, then he could move up again. The teacher didn't seem to understand that DS was completely unengaged in school at that point and did not care to do what was necessary (in his mind busywork) to get the perfect scores the teacher was looking for (in DS's words "just because you don't do something, doesn't mean you can't do it")."

CFK-That is HUGE and amazing that you got in there with principal and fixed the problem. It pains me to read that because that type of attitude was the nail in my educational coffin. I don't know if you read my school horror story in a previous thread, but things may have been totally different for me if my parents had stepped in and did what you did for your son.

Truly Amazing!

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Re: Underachieving/not displaying - 02/20/08 03:08 AM

Thanks sooo much for all this imput, it is great to actually be able to talk about these things with people, I think my friends are sick of hearing about my concerns and I get a little frustrated with having to explain why I have these concerns. I have now spoken with DS's teacher after the first few weeks of school , I am in Western Australia and gather school years run differently. DS's homework was being completed in the blink of an eye, he advised that because DS skipped a grade they placed him in the lower maths group because they were unsure of his GAPS, he reviewed his homework and the time frame it took to complete the weeks homework (about 15 min) and has now changed his maths placement and homework hopefully more to his level. But to top off this great start to the year (ha, ha) his behaviour seems to be deteriorating at school, any suggestions on what the heck is going on????? VERY WORRIED?????
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Re: Underachieving/not displaying - 02/20/08 04:33 PM

They have put him in the middle group at the moment, if he is still completing the work easily they will be giving him extension work and if he is coping they will move him to the highest group. The school seems very concerned with not pushing children, the concept that he wants to do this work and enjoys figuring things out, finding out etc. seems to be lost on most of them. We do have a GT co-ordinator at the school who our education consultant has spoken with and after speaking with her myself the penny is seeming to drop, she IS supporting us and speaking to the teachers on a regular basis.

Does anyone know anything about the PIPS test?
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Re: Underachieving/not displaying - 02/20/08 04:37 PM

Sorry, abit more information on the GT co-ordinator bit.
I think she is having to educate the teachers on the needs of GT children and the road seems very long.
But thankful for small mercy's at least they are doing something for DS, DD is in pre-primary and not really getting any support, and to top it off her teacher has a GT child herself. AAAAH!