iep meeting today

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iep meeting today - 08/30/06 09:23 PM

where is everybuddy? No posts in 2-3 days!! I'm missing you all.

Today's the big day. Bless their hearts the district called yesterday afternoon and said they will meet with us today for 1.5 hours to do his IEP.

The sped teacher said they will only address his special needs, not his giftedness on the IEP. The state gifted director says they have to do both!!! arggggggh!

The principal said that while they will not address it on the IEP, he, the district gifted ed director and I will map out a plan for Mite's gifted needs and he plans on accomodating our requests. I wish they had some wisdom to add cuz I'm scared my requests aren't going to be all Mite needs cuz I don't know what I am doing. However, the district will probably not follow the states suggestion that Mite be accelerated at least 1 grade because they a) don't have to by law and b) feel the 3rd grade gifted cluster teacher will be a good match with Mite and is willing to do "compacted" curriculum with him. They will consider acceleration during the year if she recommends it. They feel she will be the best to assess his needs in the school environment.

Well, I know her and do think she's a great teacher. Plus, Mite always wanted to have her for a teacher because that's who his brother had in 3rd grade and she and Mite hit it off when I was doing volunteer work.

I can't wait to see what the gifted director, who used to be a professor at the local U and taught many of the faculty and staff (so no one contradicts him on anything), has to say about Mite's scores.

We did get Mite in to a neuropsych. who specializes in working with gifted. She said, after his initial interview, that his test scores are depressed and he will score clinically significantly higher when the fne motor component is removed from testing. She recommended the SB LM and the SB V, but says to wait until he's over "testing burn-out" and has had a chance to process all these changes in his life.

Ok.. ramblin done. Wish me luck. Any last minute advice is more than welcome!
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Re: iep meeting today - 08/31/06 10:00 AM

It went...ok. Everything was calm, but I didn't ask for much. The district is really only centered on the handwriting and don't seem to understand that without OT there will be no improvement in the writing, the organization or the attention. They think they only need pens and special paper, it seems. SIGH

so, I'm a bit down about it. The giftedness was not addressed AT ALL, but I brought it up whenever possible. He is, so far, placed in the 3rd grade gifted cluster with 2 kids who are "like him" intellectually and several others who are "close" whatever that means. I do like that teacher and feel she will address some of the issues, but still not to the level he needs. They will supposedly discuss more options for him next week. I didn't find the district gifted specialist to be helpful at all.

I'm bushed! Off to bed!! :^)
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Re: iep meeting today - 08/31/06 10:40 PM

Yes, isn't it funny sitting in those meeting with the "experts"? I do mean that sarcastically. Sorry if any "experts" are reading this. When I would have meetings about my son I would always have them telling me that THEY knew what my son needed and then ten minutes later they would be asking me "so what do you want us to do for Tyler? What does he need? What should we put in his GIEP? Tell us what to do. You're his mother and you know him better then anyone..." and I would look at them and say "Really? Well a minute ago you told me YOU all were the EXPERTS and to let YOU all decide what he needed and that YOU were going to tell ME what he needed and what was best for him because I'm no expert, remember?" :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: I'm so sorry you left that meeting not feeling that all his needs are going to be met. It is so frustrating dealing with educational professionals who don't seem to have all of our childrens' needs and desires as their first priority. I do hope you find some way to compensate for Mite's sake..not that you should HAVE to pick up their slack but of course you will because you're a great mom who won't let her son fall through the cracks. It is so great to have places like this to come to so we have an outlet and can reach out to others who feel the same frustrations at times or have been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt. Of course it's sad at the same time that so many have to make the same struggles. You'd think that if such a problem was so prevalent (sp?) across the nation these days there would be something done about it!!! frown frown I can't figure out if it makes me more sad or angry most days anymore. I feel at peace for my son at the moment because he seems to be getting a good balance of what he needs at this point in his life but I feel everything the rest of you feel for your children when I read your posts and I wish I could do something to help. It simply breaks my heart and makes me feel an intense rage toward our "education system" at the same time.

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Re: iep meeting today - 09/01/06 04:30 AM

Hi Willa Gayle -
Ok - I was AFK for a few days (DS10's online gamespeak for away from keyboard) but I'm back and sorry to hear that the meeting did the ole - concentrate on remediation thing.

didn't your earlier posts mention assisted technolodgy? is that all bye-bye?

I've found it very helpful to write email after meetings and send them to all participants telling them what I heard them say, and asking them to confirm or deny. That way I know right away if they meant what they appeared to be saying.

You could hire a lawyer or a "parent advocate" to represent you. Your state may have a disabled kids support group that might go to bat for you.

I think I've said that if a teacher is good, then that's the most important thing. DS10's 3d grade teacher was so wonderful that I asked if he could be "held back" to have her again next year - I am being funny but I was 100% ready to do this.

Now you can turn you attention to "After school enrichment" - if you and he want to. Can you sit down with him and ask him what he wants to learn? If you don't know how to teach that subject, and can't afford a tutor, or find a retiree, then post his interest here or at a homeshooling board for more ideas.

It's true that I, personally, got fed up with the whole IEP process. Last week I got agreement from DS10, DH and the local private day prep school for DS10 to start tuesday. Yesterday was orientation and they seemed so nice! I am gaurdedly hopeful that this will give DH10 the equavalent of a grade skip, which won't be enough, but maybe, maybe, maybe he'll be able to show them his strengths. If not we'll try something else. BTW, I made very little of his test scores, davidson, etc. during the interview process. They seemed to be totally impressed by him without me having to use the yellow highlighter! I think that's hopeful.

Love and More Love,
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Re: iep meeting today - 09/04/06 04:57 AM

Hi, Willa and other moms, I also hear your frustration and I know you are doing the best you can with these folks. Best advice I ever got: "You are enough". You as a mom are more than enough - quite terrific. I am late to this discussion and giftedness in general. My children didn't have disabilities. I have a college aged child and a HS junior. My experience and my friend's experiences taught me that, at least with public schools, disabilities will be addressed only if they are affordable and the law madates them. Getting an advocate is the best idea. Experts won't do a thing for giftedness as it is not mandated. If an administrator promises but won't document or IEP something, it prob. won't get done. You are your child's own best teacher and resource getter. Make a mock up IEP of goals that you feel are needed and bring them to the next meeting. Include how they can be carried out. And, of course, use Davison. Good classroom teachers can and do make a difference. Go with the 3rd grade teacher's advice and listen carefully. Time and growth will work a lot of things out.
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Re: iep meeting today - 09/06/06 04:50 AM

ya know. I'm burned out after such an intense summer of researching dyspraxia and giftedness, IDEA and education.

However, I'm gearing up to respond to the IEP when it comes out this Friday. I will get the neuropsych eval early next week, will show the neuropsych the IEP and she will help advocate. She felt Mite was much higher in giftedness than the schools testing allowed for, but suggests waiting at least a year to re-test because Mite it on to us and is burning out on the testing.

I'll keep you up to date. Thanks all for the advice
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Re: iep meeting today - 09/06/06 10:04 PM

Good Luck Tommorow Willa Gayle!
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Re: iep meeting today - 09/08/06 11:41 AM

got it today.

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Re: iep meeting today - 09/10/06 10:47 AM

I just realized the previous post looked like I was ughing the hugs!!! Nope! Love the hugs. I was ughing the IEP.

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Re: iep meeting today - 09/11/06 02:58 AM

I posted the IEP objectives (didn't post the PLOPS) in the Ed. Advocacy forum. They are addressing problems that aren't there (writing organization) and are not addressing problems that are there (graphomotor dyspraxia effecting written expression).

He **knows** the rules of writing a good paragraph and can orally spew a magnificent 3-4 page essay. He understands the mechanics of written language. His hands prevent him from expressing that understanding.

Am I making sense? The district doesn't think so.
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Re: iep meeting today - 09/11/06 06:47 AM

WHY WON'T THEY ALLOW HIM TO LEARN AND IMPLEMENT KEYBOARDING FOR HIS WRITTEN WORK?????????? Sorry for the shouting but I'd like to fly out to your state and smack around some of your school officials. I am appalled at the way they are NOT willing to step up and help you son...CLEARLY a boy of great intellectual capability. UGH! *slams head on desk*

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Re: iep meeting today - 09/13/06 11:04 AM

Thanks! I need that empathetic head slamming!!! Chuckle.

They say he won't learn keyboarding fast enough so they don't want to put efforts there. They will teach him to use an oral word processor, but that is only effective for use outside of the classroom. I've told them he needs to reach written expression with keyboarding asap to allow for notetaking and classroom writing.
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Re: iep meeting today - 09/13/06 11:21 PM

Yeah so the translation there is "um we don't want to spend the time or effort TEACHING HIM KEYBOARDING so.....too bad for him....." mad mad mad I am sure they find their jobs to be frustrating at times too but WE ARE TALKING ABOUT A CHILD! UGH! *stomps foot* Sorry for the anger coming out lately but really you are not asking them to move mountains here! I say, if you can, teach him the keyboarding at home, when he has it down fairly well, let the school know that he will need a computer station in the classroom so he's able to type his work and you will NOT settle for less. THIS SHOULD BE PART OF HIS IEP! Do these people have credentials? confused I know I sound really mean. *sigh* We don't have it all rosey here and I know I am fortunate to have been able to work out the whole cyber charter deal for my son but it does sadden me that he's missing out on some of the whole traditional school experiance. Yeah, a lot of that "hype" is just that...."hype" and he's happy with his schooling and is well adjusted etc etc. It drives me mad that schools are still jerking people around like you have described. As you can tell I have "issues" with things I can not where did I put that copy of the serenity prayer?? *chuckles* Hang in there Willa! You're the best thing that boy has got!

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Re: iep meeting today - 09/14/06 09:14 PM

I'm thinking that with Mite's documented disabilities, but have a real lawsuit on your hands. Do you have the energy/money to get a proffesional Parent Advocate involved? Many states have wonderful parent groups for disabled kids in the public school system, have you spoken to yours?
Love and Prayers,
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Re: iep meeting today - 09/21/06 03:19 AM

We have a professional parent advocate. We did win a big argument with the district thanks to the principal who is a decent fellow. We didn't want Mite taking standardized tests because he is physically unable to perform the test. The SPED teacher and director were insisting we had to sign the IEP NOW if we wanted him to skip them. They are taking the tests this week, but the IEP is no where near where it should be. The principal intervened and said it would be ridiculous to take for Mite to take the test when it isn't going to give them the information they need for the school district performance scores or for Mite himself.

It felt so good to finally GET something Mite needed.
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Re: iep meeting today - 09/21/06 12:38 PM

Hoooray!! I'm new to this forum but I have read every post (I have issues...LOL). I feel as if I know Mite and I too would love to grab these "officials" and ask them "What are you thinking??"! I'm glad to hear that you have a few people in your corner. Mite is a very lucky boy to have a Mom who is willing to keep fighting. I hope I have half the tenacity.
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Re: iep meeting today - 09/22/06 01:33 AM

wow! I just realized I've posted over 100 times since joining this forum in June!!!!

Anyhow, today we made another step forward with the director of testing and assessment for the district. He's going to talk to the team and explain how in spite of the discrepancy in scores the high VCI indicates a very gifted child! He says he's also going to use some of the literature and a simple thing I wrote up explaining the normal curve, standard deviations and score discrepancies for his teacher trainings this fall. I'm get to attend!!!! So, accountability!!!!
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Re: iep meeting today - 09/22/06 02:45 AM

Wow - that sounds more like it
101 posts since June - congradulations!
Trinity, with 102 plus posts - LOL