Good vibes for meeting tomorrow please!

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Good vibes for meeting tomorrow please! - 04/21/09 05:45 PM

For anyone who has followed our saga. My DD9 currently attends our public school for ELA and homeschools all the other subjects. I have a meeting tomorrow to discuss the possibility of her attending the Michigan Virtual School for high school credits. (She would continue to take ELA in a seated class.) This would allow her to take the higher level classes she wants to take, and be able to work toward a diploma from our high school. The real added bonus...the independent learning classes use PLATO! So she could take PLATO science, history and even math when she is ready. They also have traditional classes, and flex classes available.

My meeting is with the superintendant of curriculum, the assistant superintendant of schools. She is the one who approved my DD9's partial day so I'm really hoping she will be open to this. According to the website we may even be able to get the state to pay for some of the cost. I would be over the moon for them to even just give her credits. I'm so nervous...
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Re: Good vibes for meeting tomorrow please! - 04/21/09 05:51 PM

Yay!! Very very best of luck! Sounds like you'll both do fine smile
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Re: Good vibes for meeting tomorrow please! - 04/21/09 06:59 PM

WOW! I'm impressed! GOOOOOOODDDD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Good vibes for meeting tomorrow please! - 04/21/09 07:03 PM

Hope it goes well! Sounds like a terrific opportunity for your DD and it would set a good precedence. Crossing fingers tightly for you. eek grin
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Re: Good vibes for meeting tomorrow please! - 04/21/09 10:00 PM

Thinking good thoughts for you! smile
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Re: Good vibes for meeting tomorrow please! - 04/22/09 05:47 AM

Good luck smile
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Re: Good vibes for meeting tomorrow please! - 04/22/09 06:06 AM

I hope all goes well! Sounds like it would be a great opportunity for your DD.
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Re: Good vibes for meeting tomorrow please! - 04/22/09 07:05 AM

Pushing positive Karma your way.....Good Luck!
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Re: Good vibes for meeting tomorrow please! - 04/22/09 07:35 AM

Hope it goes well. Let us know. smile
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Re: Good vibes for meeting tomorrow please! - 04/22/09 08:08 AM

Good luck! Thinking happy thoughts!
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Re: Good vibes for meeting tomorrow please! - 04/22/09 09:31 AM

Good luck!
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Re: Good vibes for meeting tomorrow please! - 04/22/09 10:00 AM

I am thinking good thoughts for you today!
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Re: Good vibes for meeting tomorrow please! - 04/22/09 10:54 AM

Good luck! smile
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Results of meeting... - 04/23/09 03:00 PM

I guess I went in thinking the school district might have been beginning to see the light when it came to gifties when they granted my DD9's partial day. Can you believe, they won't allow any high school credits until they are of high school age, chronologically that is. Who cares what they are able to do so long as they are "old enough" to be doing it. Hugh?

I made it very clear I am not looking to see my DD9 graduate early. I don't think that would necessarily be in her best interest but would like for her to have some recognition for the work she does. I don't care if she graduates with more credits than needed but just that they are there to show she did the work and she is able to move ahead to meet her needs.

I will say that the Director of Curriculum said that she will look into it a little more and get back to me the beginning of next week, so I haven't given up all hope, but this is the current policy as it stands.

How do you argue this?
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Re: Results of meeting... - 04/23/09 03:26 PM

I'm sorry the meeting didn't go as well as planned. I hope the Director comes back with some good news. I'm not sure how you argue it, I'd start by researching if the district has a written policy to that effect, either way. Then look at the state board policies.........but I'm thinking you may have already checked that out.

Personally, I haven't had any luck getting the district to make exception to policy. I've done better taking advantage of situations in which there are no written policies.

Best of luck, let us know how it goes.
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Re: Results of meeting... - 04/23/09 05:52 PM

I'm sorry too that the meeting didn't go as planned. Good luck and keep us informed as to how you are doing.

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Re: Results of meeting... - 04/24/09 04:49 AM

If they can provide enough courses, which the michigan virtual schools and the local college appear to be able to, then I see no reason for her not to take that number of credits in high school (chronologically) in addition to whatever she does ahead of time. She could still be required to take 3 math and 3 science during those years and be allowed to take advanced classes now. What is wrong with say 30 credits at graduation versus the 24 required credits?

Like everything else in our district the policy isn't written. At least none of my points to the school district so far have produced any written policy. I requested it over a year ago and didn't received anything. I read the handbooks cover to cover and can't find anything there.
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Re: Results of meeting... - 04/24/09 07:24 AM

Hi, melmichigan! My DS9 is quickly approaching this same situation, and I will be following your progress and your commentary on it.

Our middle school upper level courses do not accumulate HS credit either, even though those same courses are offered for credit at the HS level for the middle and lower track kids.

My concern is having enough credits to graduate, in case my DS is dually-enrolled HS and college, and we choose not to send him to college early. HG+ under-agers are not required to have a HS diploma to be admitted to those colleges that accept them (how could they?), but if you plan to send a kid at 18, you would be required to jump through all the same hoops as everyone else (including class rankings, weighted or otherwise).

Plus, I've been asking if my district accepts distance learning advanced coursework for credit, and if so, how would that be graded in the weighted class rankings. For instance, our HS doesn't offer AP German, nor does it offer AP Calculus BC. If we were to pursue other options for those courses, I'd want to make sure my DS received credit for them and his high grades.

Here is an angle I've been considering for my own advocacy: does your district allow for transfer credit -- for students moving to the district from another one, or even another state? If so, why is the coursework your child is accumulating different from that the transfer student? If one is eligible for credit, why not the other?

As far as the accumulation of extra credits goes, one of the many accepted paths for HG+ kids has been to arrive in HS early, and remain for 6 years or so, some of that time dually-enrolled in college. Why choose between Latin III and French III, or between a science emphasis and a humanities emphasis, etc., when you can have it all? Each kid is different, but this works well for those who need a little extra maturity time before going off to college (like my DS9, who is twice-exceptional).

Our district has the 3 years of math, so many years of this and that policy as well. I then worry about the kids who are dually enrolled HS and college, and how could they satisfy diploma / graduation requirements if the college credits don't count.

Perhaps your state's department of education has some sort of gifted ed adviser on staff? Someone who could advocate for your daughter's unusual educational path? Someone who could work with your district administrators on your behalf?

Sorry to ramble on so long. Just wanted to share my thoughts so you would know you are not alone.

Best wishes to you and your DD.
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Re: Results of meeting... - 04/24/09 09:51 AM


I don't have advice to offer but as I've discussed with you before, we seem to have similar kids. I've been wondering the same things you've expressed above though I have not discussed my concerns yet with administrators.

Since beginning homeschooling just a month or so ago, I can see that DS will be at high school level math before too long. We are currently doing the Aleks program and just methodically going through each level, I think will reach high school level math within the next year or so. (He took the Explore test and got a 94% in math against 8th graders. I've wondered whether to jump him ahead but have opted not to because I don't want him to have gaps in his learning and figure there is no rush.)

I'm anxious to hear what your administrators say with your situation. Please keep us posted. I'm afraid we may be dealing with the same issues here.

One thing I do want to mention is something I found out about just the other day. I can't remember where you are located in Michigan but in the Ann Arbor area, it is possible to begin a sort of dual enrollment highschool/college through Washtenaw Community College. It's called Washtenaw Technical Middle College. Kids are required to have 5 credits worth of 9th grade level work (they outline the requirements, english, math, etc.) before being admitted to the school. I'm really hoping there is no age requirement but I imagine there is. I'm also not sure how this works for homeschoolers but intend to find out.

The school does not require a high school diploma before entrance and upon graduation kids get both the HS diploma and the number of college credits they take for transfer to a 4 year college or as a 2 year concurrent associate's degree.

I was so relieved to hear that there was another option locally for us. Perhaps a similar one exists where you are? I understand your concerns as there is no gifted legislation in Michigan. Your daughter should get credit for the work she's done regardless of her grade/age when she takes it.

Good luck! smile
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Re: Results of meeting... - 04/24/09 02:09 PM

Here they aren't permitted to attend college classes under dual enrollment until 11th grade, as policy stands. They are also limited by what classes they can take so they couldn't say finish an associates degree like mentioned in Washtenaw. To bad we don't live there.

After going through the handbook, again, I am going to ask about transfer credits when the Director calls me back next week. It says that "transfer credits from a comprehensive public or private high school accredited by North Central Association or similar agencies will receive comparable credit and letter grades".

Keystone National High School is accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools and has core course approval from the National Collegiate Athletic Association. They are also a licensed private school in Pennsylvania. When I talked to them they said that my DD would be able to take classes now but couldn't enroll for the high school diploma program until all courses at an eighth grade level are completed; they explained this as until she is able to show she could pass all admission exams at an eighth grade level for math and ELA. She is close in math but not in ELA. Until then she could take other high school credits as enrichment and they would be treated as any other high school credit if she chooses to enroll in the high school when she is ready. They will also provide transcripts if she chooses to attend the high school here, or any other high school. I am wondering if this may be a way around the district here. Any ideas?
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Re: Results of meeting... - 04/25/09 09:35 AM

Hey, that's a good idea. I think that could work. I assume the coursework is online? Maybe other readers might now of additional secondary schools with online coursework.

The only other option I can think of is to homeschool your daughter at her appropriate level until she reaches high school at which point she could hopefully place into classes at her level or take college level work as necessary. (For some reason the high schools seem to be more open to allowing college coursework. I don't know what they think these kids will do until they GET to high school. They don't just magically become gifted when they reach 9th grade, suddenly able to jump into college math in a single bound--at least most of the time!

Good luck with your talk with the Director next week. Let us know how it goes. I'll continue to think and research on this---