Here's one for you to ponder...a noted gifted specialist tested my son (4+8 at the time) last month and due to his specific circumstances (long story), she decided to give him the WISC, and I agreed, even though we knew it wasn't actually normed to his age. The day after testing, she said that she didn't think it told us much since he scored average to above average for a 6+0YO (they ran his scores at the lowest normed age). I don't know the exact score, but I'm assuming it was 100-105ish (and I have no idea at all of subtest breakdowns, etc.). At first, I took this to mean "He's cognitively at the level of a kid who is 6 years old." But, now that I think of it with my somewhat mathematical brain, I don't think that's the case at all - because wouldn't that assume that the score curve is a 45 degree line, while in fact, I imagine at the age we're talking about, it's more of a hockey stick shape? I know it's really only an exercise in imagination because if the test was intended for his age, it would be normed that way, but I thought some of you might enjoy pondering the question as well (and maybe some of you have had similar experiences?).

She did do other testing, so I'll have plenty of answers when the report comes in, but until then, does anyone have any thoughts on this (as I drive myself crazy thinking about it!)?