I'm not sure how far you've come Deeyana since March Deeyana, but I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents.

In writing request a complete and full copy of your son's cumulative education file from the first day of attendance in the school district (including preschool or ecfe) to the last day of this recent school year. Mention that according to IDEA you have a right to a copy of that file including the RAW results of any test and assessment instrument the school district has every used on your son.

Here is what I sent to our school district that got appropriate results....

"It is my understanding of IDEA (section, item) that I have a right to copy of my son's cumulative education file. I request a complete and thorough copy be sent to me within the time limits set by IDEA. Please acknowledge this request either by sending me the complete files from beginning/date to current/date OR by send to me, in writing, the reason for the school districts denial of this request."
Willa Gayle