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    #85653 - 09/23/10 08:19 AM Re: Back for more support [Re: master of none]
    Cecilia Offline

    Registered: 01/07/09
    Posts: 159
    Hi master of none! We will be in your same position soon...Wanted to wish you luck! Hang in there...You know what's best and don't let them back you down! You'll do great smile

    #85662 - 09/23/10 09:04 AM Re: Back for more support [Re: master of none]
    jenner Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 06/10/10
    Posts: 40
    Thank you so much for that link--my daughter (10) was just talking about how much she hates those timed tests. I think I'll let her read some of that article...

    Master of None--I'm afraid I can't be of any help, but I'd love to hear how your meeting goes. I'm thinking we might be in the same situation with DD 7.

    I'm just so grateful for the discussions on this board. Even though I'm relatively new, I've learned so much!

    #85671 - 09/23/10 09:50 AM Re: Back for more support [Re: inky]
    snowgirl Offline

    Registered: 02/24/08
    Posts: 361
    Originally Posted By: inky

    Yep thanks from me too - great link. I saved it for later - I'm sure it'll come in handy sometime.

    #85672 - 09/23/10 09:51 AM Re: Back for more support [Re: master of none]
    Catalana Offline

    Registered: 12/10/09
    Posts: 393
    Re: "Next, they really donít think she is THAT smart."

    Keep repeating, over and over, "how do you know what math is appropriate for her if you have never tested her on an above grade instrument." The speed and the "apparent" brightness were arguments my school used too, and I just keep repeating that they were irrelevant, what mattered was hard data on what son knew and what he was capable of. [Head beating against wall smile )

    And that being said, do you have SCAT or achievement scores for her?


    #85680 - 09/23/10 10:06 AM Re: Back for more support [Re: master of none]
    knute974 Offline

    Registered: 09/22/09
    Posts: 683
    Loc: controlled chaos
    Inky, Thanks from me too. I have been wondering about this. In the real world does it matter whether my child can spit out that 4x7=28 in 2 seconds versus 20 seconds? I doubt that it would anywhere except in a timed testing situation. Accuracy with reasonable speed seems sufficient in most real life situations.

    As I've watched DD10's progression on timed tests, I think is was 100 problems in 5 minutes in 3rd grade, then 2 minutes in 4th grade last year. It seems like there is a point of diminishing returns for how much time they waste on this kind of stuff and how much stress it can induce. Now we are starting the process with DD8. I'm having a hard time mustering any kind of enthusiasm for going over math facts.

    #85702 - 09/23/10 12:47 PM Re: Back for more support [Re: master of none]
    MES Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 09/20/09
    Posts: 29
    And, don't let them tell you that with time she'll be faster and then be ready to move ahead. She may be faster, but she may not. My DYS left for school this morning with an honors pre-calculus quiz to take. He wasn't at all worried about understanding the material, only whether he'd have enough time to finish the test. He is a slow processer who still calculates many math facts each time. What has cahnged is that he wants to advocate for himself. Last year, he wanted me to send a note explaining his "slowness". This year he wants to see how it goes and then advocate for himself. Good Luck.

    #85703 - 09/23/10 12:58 PM Re: Back for more support [Re: master of none]
    DeeDee Offline

    Registered: 04/16/10
    Posts: 2498
    Originally Posted By: master of none
    perhaps rather than sitting in the teacher's room mocking me (like I've heard them do with other parents when I'm volunteering there), maybe they would take the info to people who can help them?

    They might... but they might not. (They might be embarrassed to sound ignorant to their colleagues.) And the school psych might be able to... or might not.

    Can you bring an expert to the meeting who is capable of interpreting the scores for them? Advocate? Tester? Somebody?


    #86207 - 09/29/10 12:01 PM Re: Back for more support [Re: master of none]
    ColinsMum Offline

    Registered: 09/19/08
    Posts: 1898
    Loc: Scotland
    Congrats! I think you know what you're doing; it'll be fine :-)
    Email: my username, followed by 2, at google's mail

    #86209 - 09/29/10 12:29 PM Re: Back for more support [Re: master of none]
    bh14 Offline

    Registered: 06/08/09
    Posts: 367
    WAHOO!!!!! Good for you! I can TOTALLY relate to the "moving a mountain!" Those were my exact words when we advocated for a grade skip in a school with no history of ever allowing it. I really felt like we moved a mountain (and so did the school who was admittedly impressed by the level of research we provided and the effort we put in to make it happen.)

    GOOD FOR YOU! I am so happy for you! SEE.... it pays off. No one likes to have to do it, but it has to start somewhere so go ahead and give yourself a BIG PAT ON THE BACK! YOU DID IT!

    #86215 - 09/29/10 02:09 PM Re: Back for more support [Re: master of none]
    Grinity Offline

    Registered: 12/13/05
    Posts: 7207
    Loc: Connecticut
    Originally Posted By: master of none
    NOW, what the heck do we do???? What if it doesn't work???? What if the kids hate her????? What if she isn't willing to work hard enough???? How long can we keep it from the extended family? Will they notice when she graduates high school at the same time as her brother who is two years older??? Extended family on each side would not approve.

    High School graduation is a long way from now. So many paths could open between now and then! You are only allowed to worry about the next 2 months - tops! The rest you post here or jot down and forget for now.

    There is this tendency to blame every bad thing that will ever happen to a gradeskipped kid on the gradeskip. So if the kids do hate her or it doesn't work out, you post here and we'll all brainstorm some ideas, and you'll try and see what works - that's life:Trust it.

    Hurray for you for having tried it and moving the mountain to get it!
    Love and More Love,
    Coaching available, at

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