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    #71763 - 03/18/10 04:49 AM MAP scores and math placement
    Ruby Offline

    Registered: 07/10/08
    Posts: 80
    I need help. I'm in the process of trying to advocate for my dd8 for next school year and want to know how I can use the NWEA MAP score to help get the accommodations she needs.

    DD is currently in 4th grade (skipped 3rd) and is getting bused to the middle school for a special before school math program that covers grades 6th/7th in one year. We've been very happy with this year's accommodations but the math program won't be an option next year.

    The school gave her the MAP test and she got an RIT score of 252. I'm trying to figure out what is the appropriate grade level that she should be instructed at and am having difficulty. The school was not helpful in interpreting her score and I called and spoke with someone at NWEA but they aren't permitted to advise on grade placement but instead directed me to a chart from their “2008 Normative Data”. On it they have average RIT scores for the different grades. DD's score doesn't even appear on there. The highest is a 241 for spring 11th graders. I know that the 6th/7th grade placement is not challenging enough for her. She already knows most of what they're teaching, the homework is a breeze (she finishes it before she even gets home from school) and she never studies and brings home near perfect test scores. The teacher says she actively participates, frequently offers alternative solutions to the problems, and grasps new concepts quickly. This makes me think she might be ready for 9th grade next year, but I really don't know. Is there anyone out there well versed in MAP that can help me understand this? I really appreciate any advice!

    #71770 - 03/18/10 06:09 AM Re: MAP scores and math placement [Re: Ruby]
    Cricket2 Offline

    Registered: 05/11/09
    Posts: 2172
    Loc: Colorado
    Scroll down to page 145 on this report which will give you percentiles for various grades for end of year math MAPS scores. A score of 152 is in the 99th percentile for a 5th grader in the spring.

    eta: Since you mention 9th grade placement, her score would also be in the 85th percentile for a spring 9th grade score.

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    Study Strategies for Accelerated Learners

    #71773 - 03/18/10 06:24 AM Re: MAP scores and math placement [Re: Cricket2]
    Ruby Offline

    Registered: 07/10/08
    Posts: 80
    Thanks Cricket2! Those charts are very helpful. If I compare her score (winter) to the winter score of 8th graders, it fits in the 90th percentile. Good support for 9th grade math placement for next year. Thank you!

    #71784 - 03/18/10 07:40 AM Re: MAP scores and math placement [Re: Ruby]
    inky Offline

    Registered: 10/10/08
    Posts: 1299
    Great advice and good luck with the advocating. Please let us know how it goes. Have you read Developing Math Talent by Assouline? It doesn't address MAP specifically but has helpful strategies for advocating for children who are gifted in math.

    #71832 - 03/18/10 12:27 PM Re: MAP scores and math placement [Re: inky]
    Ruby Offline

    Registered: 07/10/08
    Posts: 80
    Thanks, Inky. I haven't read it but I'll have to check it out.

    #74552 - 04/21/10 10:05 AM Re: MAP scores and math placement [Re: Ruby]
    JLC01 Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 01/28/10
    Posts: 27

    My daughter is in 6th grade and stuck in a "higher ability" program that lets kids in with IQs as low as 115. She has complained since she was in 1st grade that she learns nothing all year and that the other students are lagging behind- the curriculum seems to be aimed at these kids. She tested 147 IQ in math this fall; the test had a cap of 150, so I think she probably is in the 150 range. She said there is one student at her school who is better than her... I would guess he is in the 160 range or higher....

    Anyway, in spite of the limited instruction she has received, she scored a 259 on the NWEA math section- very close to your child. They are talking about her skipping pre-algebra and going directly into algebra class next year. Is this what your child will do?

    #74711 - 04/24/10 05:44 AM Re: MAP scores and math placement [Re: JLC01]
    tenBelow Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 03/27/10
    Posts: 10
    Loc: MN, USA
    I don't think the MAP score can really translate to any grade level. Since the classroom teacher has to go with the pace of the majority, your DD will never be satisfied with the depth they teach.

    Since she has already done 6/7th grade, she should be ready for Algebra and Geometry, the stuff normally taught at high school. However as parents, we need to take a balanced approach. I think it is important to help her to develop independent learning skills. For secondary school math, you can take a look at I have not tried their online classes, but bought some books for my DS12. At least that gives him enough real math problems to do.


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