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    #60507 - 11/06/09 06:59 AM Re: The Ultimate Book Thread? [Re: CFK]
    Movingup6 Offline

    Registered: 02/18/09
    Posts: 72
    My DS7 used to love the Droon series, but now has moved on to Guardians of Ga'Hoole and the Dragon Slayers Academy books. The Guardian books are intense, and the DSA books are hysterically funny. He alternates between the two. -- FYI: I just heard that they are making a Guardians of Ga'Hoole movie that will be out next fall. I think it's great when the kids can read the books first and then compare them to the movies.

    #60510 - 11/06/09 07:09 AM Re: The Ultimate Book Thread? [Re: Movingup6]
    onthegomom Offline

    Registered: 07/28/09
    Posts: 1743
    My son has been into the secrets of Droon. He will probally finish the series.

    #61796 - 11/18/09 09:39 PM Re: The Ultimate Book Thread? [Re: onthegomom]
    BKD Offline

    Registered: 07/15/08
    Posts: 137
    Loc: Australia
    A quick thankyou to Minniemarx (I think it was your recommendation?) - we're a few chapters into Ned Kelly and the City of Bees and DS7 has pronounced it The Best Book We've Ever Read. Wow - take that J.K & Enid.

    #62171 - 11/23/09 08:33 AM Re: The Ultimate Book Thread? [Re: BKD]
    minniemarx Offline

    Registered: 10/31/08
    Posts: 466
    You're welcome! I'm so glad he's enjoying it!


    #62459 - 11/28/09 01:49 PM Re: The Ultimate Book Thread? [Re: minniemarx]
    minniemarx Offline

    Registered: 10/31/08
    Posts: 466
    I haven't been around much lately (worrying about me mum), but thought I'd jump back in with a quickie here...

    Probably too well-known even to need a mention (but I've never minded being redundant!) is Robert O'Brien's "Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH" (around 240 pages, I think, and maybe early middle-school reading level?). I read it to the lads a couple of weeks ago, and they loved it. Mrs Frisby (a mouse) has four children, one of whom is too ill to go outdoors, and moving day (when the mice leave the garden for safer summer quarters) is fast approaching, with the spring plowing coming soon. She asks some rats for help, which they gladly give.

    The rats are escaped laboratory animals, with extremely enhanced lifespan and intelligence due to the experimental drugs they've been given; the story, in very many ways, is an extended meditation on the ethical implications of superior intelligence, and thus probably an apt read for our collective offspring on this board. I especially liked the rats' decision to leave the easy life that is theirs by virtue of their tapping into the farmer's electricity and water supply for a more difficult but more rewarding existence out in the wilderness where they will have to make it on their own--I want the boys to see the value of having to work hard for something, and I thought this book's message was a good one in that regard.

    I read this book as a child, but was too phobic about rodents to enjoy it much--am so glad to have found it again, in a state of greater equanimity about small critters!


    #62734 - 12/02/09 10:30 AM Re: The Ultimate Book Thread? [Re: Movingup6]
    vicam Offline

    Registered: 11/11/09
    Posts: 171
    Loc: columbus ohio
    My son read the Droon books in one night. Currently he is hooked on the Ga'Hoole books he is on book 9 out of 15 in 2 weeks. He loves them.

    For humor try any of the Mrs. Piggle- Wiggle Books. She is hysterical in how she handles problem children.

    #62807 - 12/03/09 02:10 AM Re: The Ultimate Book Thread? [Re: IronMom]
    kiwi mum Offline
    New Member

    Registered: 12/03/09
    Posts: 1
    Loc: New Zealand
    Hi all,
    I am new to this and have already lost a post I typed...Just found the forum and am loving this particular thread.
    I use the book depository for 99% of our book purchases as it is so convenient and the selection is amazing.

    The Book Depository

    I know that those of you in the US have Amazon, however this site is British and has FREE worldwide delivery and it is very fast!! You should be able to find any Enid Blyton books here that are difficult to source in the US.

    Books we are currently reading - my dd8 loved The Invention of Hugo Cabret, and as a read aloud to dd8 and dd6, we all enjoyed The Mysterious Benedict society.

    #66093 - 01/16/10 05:58 PM Re: The Ultimate Book Thread? [Re: kiwi mum]
    minniemarx Offline

    Registered: 10/31/08
    Posts: 466
    A couple of our Christmas successes were due to folks here, so this is just a note to thank the recommenders (I think Raddy and Iron Mum) of Clive King's "Stig of the Dump"--brilliant!

    Also thanks to Taminy (I think) who mentioned the Melendy books--also enjoyed here.

    Hope all are well--I haven't been able to be around here much lately.


    Edited by minniemarx (01/17/10 07:17 PM)
    Edit Reason: misremembered Taminy's name--sorry!

    #71955 - 03/19/10 03:13 PM Re: The Ultimate Book Thread? [Re: minniemarx]
    OHGrandma Offline

    Registered: 01/05/08
    Posts: 830
    Bringing up this thread again. We've hit some real doldrums for finding reading material. DS10 has read just about every thing currently popular with the 9 to 15 year olds, that I'd allow! Tonight I picked up three books in the 'The Cat Who...' series. I did get the first one in the series and he started with that one. He loves it! Woohoo! Not only a new series, and a big one, but a new genre, adult mysteries!

    #71959 - 03/19/10 04:08 PM Re: The Ultimate Book Thread? [Re: OHGrandma]
    shellymos Offline

    Registered: 08/20/08
    Posts: 847
    Loc: New York
    I may have mentioned this before when we were going to read it...but DS finally did read it and really enjoyed it. "George's secret key to the universe" by Stephen Hawking. He thought it was great...and the pictures are really cool too. He is already reading parts of it again after he just read it. Also reading the lion witch and the wardrobe now and he really likes it. Does anyone have any other recommendations for books that are kind of like "the lion witch and the wardrobe?" or like either of those. He is into those fantasy type ones...but he is still 5 so it can't be too mature or scary. He hasn't been scared by a book yet or anything, just don't really want to go there yet.

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