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    #62370 - 11/25/09 03:53 PM STAR Reading Test
    Learningmom Offline

    Registered: 08/13/09
    Posts: 102
    Loc: WA
    I was wondering if the STAR Reading Test is very accurate for determining a LOG. It seems that once you get to 99 that's all the info they give so I was looking for more specifics like what one would expect on scaled scores etc. If anyone knows that would be helpful. Thanks!

    #62374 - 11/25/09 04:25 PM Re: STAR Reading Test [Re: Dottie]
    Learningmom Offline

    Registered: 08/13/09
    Posts: 102
    Loc: WA
    Thanks Dottie, I was hoping you were around. So this is for a 3rd grade 8 year old. The scores I was wondering about were
    GE- 8.5
    IRL- 7.5
    Est oral reading fluency 170

    I guess I was also looking for more information since after a year in regular school his GE only changed by .2 from second grade. Grrrr. More information the better-

    #62377 - 11/25/09 04:58 PM Re: STAR Reading Test [Re: Dottie]
    Learningmom Offline

    Registered: 08/13/09
    Posts: 102
    Loc: WA
    Thanks Dottie for the info! I always enjoy your post because I get to embrace my inner math statistics geek! Yippee!

    #62381 - 11/25/09 07:12 PM Re: STAR Reading Test [Re: Learningmom]
    mnmom23 Offline

    Registered: 09/11/09
    Posts: 701
    I just wanted to say that last year my DD took the STAR test twice in one day (there was somehow some confusion about whether she had taken it the first time)- I think literally 15 minutes apart- and she managed to score *2 years* different from one test to the next. Both were quite a bit above grade level, but it's such a short test that apparently it can be a bit volatile. Over the course of the year, taking it basically every month, you could see an upward trend, but you couldn't get a truly accurate picture looking at each score in isolation.
    She thought she could, so she did.

    #62402 - 11/26/09 09:43 AM Re: STAR Reading Test [Re: mnmom23]
    CourtneyB Offline

    Registered: 10/12/09
    Posts: 186
    Is this the test for AR 'placement'? If so maybe I'll have to dig out DS5s scores to get more info - his teacher hadn't really ever had to do the test before so wasn't 100% on what some of the scores meant. He took it so he could start doing AR quizzes in September.

    It is a very short test if it's the same one he had. It scores based on correct answer and also I think how long it takes to provide an answer - so my easily distracted 5 yr old took a long time on a few because he wasn't even looking at the screen, lol.

    #62405 - 11/26/09 11:05 AM Re: STAR Reading Test [Re: CourtneyB]
    Learningmom Offline

    Registered: 08/13/09
    Posts: 102
    Loc: WA
    Essentially it is for reading placement and it's titled 'Diagnostic Report'. I don't think the school uses it for quizes but for making sure the children are reading at the right levels. He said he 'was the first one done'. I never know if that is good or bad! Any information would be helpful though-

    #62411 - 11/26/09 04:10 PM Re: STAR Reading Test [Re: Dottie]
    Botchan Offline

    Registered: 07/02/09
    Posts: 138
    Originally Posted By: Dottie
    I wish I had data from 3rd grade, as then I could tell you what the lowest GE for 3rd/99th might be.

    I happen to have 3rd grade data.

    SS 909
    GE 8.3
    PR 99
    IRL 6.9
    Est. ORF 170

    It looks like you get at least GE 8.3 for 99th.
    Hope that helps a little.

    #62428 - 11/27/09 03:12 PM Re: STAR Reading Test [Re: Botchan]
    CourtneyB Offline

    Registered: 10/12/09
    Posts: 186
    So anyone explain these scores to me? DS5s teacher has no experience with the test other than giving it to DS and seeing one other child's results. Ds's was missing all the information about what the scores amount to.

    GP 0.09 (assume this references K was done about 7 weeks in)
    SS 251
    GE 2.3
    IRL 2.0
    Est ORF
    ZPD 2.2-3.2

    I'm basically aiming for mid 2nd grade lvl on books we pick for AR


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