In 1st Grade DS learned nothing academically, we were expecting this but told him to hang in there that year was about getting use to a new school. In 2nd Grade, he was very disappointed again he knew it all. I was shocked by this and thought, the more he learns anything new it will just make more boring. I never mentioned this thought to my son. I did tell him I understood how disappointed he was in school. At this same time, he slowed down considerably on the nonfiction reading. (I am still working on the school situation with being challenged.)

I have never really addressed the above with him. He use to just want to know everything about so many things. He has not slowed down on his reading, but is reading mostly fiction. This is not so bad. He is reading lots of good quality. Could it just be a shift in interest? Is this typical for a 2nd grader?

I was also wondering about my son's 3rd grade reaction to his school work. He feels like it is so much work and all the cursive writing is hard. Well he is a hard worker generally so I think it's about lack of depth and challenge. I have been trying to tell him to try and take pride in getting thru it all. I think most of it feels like busy work to him and not to hard. He is the 1st one done and has time to read. I said isn't it good you get time to read? He says he would like to give his brain a rest and relax. At home, he says reading relaxes him. Any suggestions on helping him deal with this better? Maybe he feels pressure so he doesn't have to bring all this work home. He said, he wishes he didn't have the level up Math to do any more. It's just more work. School already eliminated 2 pages of work to balance out his day. I don't think I can ask for more.

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