What would everyone suggest for Replacing Saxon Math in a school environment? This math is too slow and repetitive for him.

This needs to be done with as little teacher maintenance as possible. My DS, in 3rd Grade is especially passionate about Math. He learns, reads, and comprehends quickly. He is very ambitious, motivated and work well independently. He does like to be around people rather than being by himself too much.

I was thinking an online course thru a talent search would be best to try because then he would have a teacher and other students. Other options might work well too. I like the idea of him doing it on a computer that generates report for school.

We have a gifted teacher at school. I'm not sure she would have time to research this. I was thinking I would do the research and then she could look at that information and decide what would work. Actually, I'm not even sure the school is open to this but I'm on a mission to help my DS.

Has any body ever seen a guide for this type of program? Comparing the programs?

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