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    #58043 - 10/11/09 08:02 AM Re: The Ultimate Book Thread? [Re: chris1234]
    onthegomom Offline

    Registered: 07/28/09
    Posts: 1743
    Originally Posted By: chris1234
    Just wanted to say 'Thanks!' to everyone who mentioned/recommended 'George's Secret Key to the Universe'.

    you may want to check out the website too. My DS9 loved those books

    #58059 - 10/11/09 12:10 PM Re: The Ultimate Book Thread? [Re: onthegomom]
    Botchan Offline

    Registered: 07/02/09
    Posts: 138
    Wow! Cool site! Thanks, onthegomom!

    #58257 - 10/14/09 05:48 AM Re: The Ultimate Book Thread? [Re: Botchan]
    Lorel Offline

    Registered: 08/22/07
    Posts: 970
    Loc: New England
    A suggestion for girls-

    DD 9 and I have enjoyed the Mother-Daughter Book Club series by Heather Vogel Frederick. These books are light, yet fun, and each involves a core group of four girls who are in grades 6-8 as the books progress. One of the girls is academically very advanced, and takes high school math while in middle school, another is a gifted writer, the third girl is a gifted athlete, and finally, there is a fashion diva who designs her own clothes. Each novel involves a different book club selection. The first book has the girls reading Little Women, the second Anne of Green Gables, the third Daddy Long Legs.

    I haven't heard anyone talk about these, and I think there are many young readers who might like to read them!

    #58263 - 10/14/09 06:31 AM Re: The Ultimate Book Thread? [Re: Lorel]
    lanfan Offline

    Registered: 09/24/08
    Posts: 180
    A couple more suggestions.

    My daughter loves Dick King Smith - "The School Mouse", "Babe the Gallant Pig", "Aristotle" etc etc...Many of them have lots of pictures some are more traditional chapter books.

    We also love Kate Dicamillio. "Mercy Watson" is a newer series of picture books. She also has longer chapter books. "Because of Winn Dixie", "The Mysterious Journey of Edward Tulane" etc.

    #58279 - 10/14/09 08:24 AM Re: The Ultimate Book Thread? [Re: CFK]
    minniemarx Offline

    Registered: 10/31/08
    Posts: 466
    You're absolutely right, CFK--great suggestion.

    Another excellent series for kids in the same boat is Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe mysteries (74 in total, I believe); I do think Archie Goodwin is one of the great comic voices in American literature!


    #58542 - 10/17/09 07:11 PM Re: The Ultimate Book Thread? [Re: CFK]
    bh14 Offline

    Registered: 06/08/09
    Posts: 367
    My DD just read The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane as well. She really liked it. We just started the Mysterious Benedict Society. So far, it's very interesting! She's 7 and I thought I'd read a little with her to see how it is for her since the RL is 6.3 (though I don't put much stock into those since they seem to be way off in my eyes, Or else my view is scewed... one of the two wink.)

    #58544 - 10/17/09 07:28 PM Re: The Ultimate Book Thread? [Re: minniemarx]
    minniemarx Offline

    Registered: 10/31/08
    Posts: 466
    A little while back, we read Rosemary Sutcliff's "The Eagle of the Ninth" (1954, repr 2004 OUP, ~300 pp.); it's a terrific story of Marcus, a young Roman soldier who puts himself at grave risk to save his men during an attack on the fort which is his first command posting. He is discharged from the Roman army afterward with a career-ending injury, but finds new purpose in life when he decides to try to retrieve the missing eagle that had been lost when his dead father's legion disappeared in the north of Britain. He travels north of Roman territory on a dangerous quest in search of the eagle, with his friend (and manumitted slave), Esca. Marcus grows in maturity over the course of the story; his friendship with Esca, his relationship with his uncle Aquila, and his courtship of a British girl, Cottia, are very tenderly handled. It's very well-written and enjoyable--all of my kids liked it a lot.

    Hopping ahead a few hundred years, another good one (for 8 or 9 and up, I'd say) is Eloise McGraw's "The Striped Ships," the story of a Saxon girl, Juliana, immediately before and during the year following the Norman Conquest of 1066 (Margaret K. McElderry Books, 1991, ~225 pp). As it is essentially a book about war and its effect on children, this one is rather darker than our norm around here (Juliana's family loses everything, her father dies, she sees one of her friends killed, and there is an implied attempted [but thwarted] r@pe). It sounds in summary darker than it really is, though, because the dark bits are very carefully written, and because Juliana is consistently brave and resourceful throughout, as well as very adaptable; she gets her young brother to the monastery in Canterbury which he longs to join, and she finds her own way to a new and independent life, as she is taken on at the workroom where a team is embroidering the Bayeux Tapestry.

    We're rereading an old favourite right now: Farley Mowat's "Owls in the Family" (1961, repr. McClelland & Stewart, ~100 pp). This one's a Canadian classic--everyone here of a certain age whom I know has read this at some point or another. It's the true story of a small-town Saskatchewan boy who rescues two orphaned baby great horned owls, and the adventures he has with them. Lots of funny incidents, a snapshot of a way of life that has disappeared (the story takes place in the early 1930s), and engagingly written, like all of Mowat's many books, for both children and adults. Lovely for any age.


    #58585 - 10/18/09 10:36 AM Re: The Ultimate Book Thread? [Re: minniemarx]
    onthegomom Offline

    Registered: 07/28/09
    Posts: 1743

    In the books Matilda by Roald Dahl, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J. K. Rowling, and Inkheart by Cornelia Funke, a young person learns the joys and pitfalls of acquiring unexpected powers

    I just discovered a new source to find reading for my DS9. Look at what gifted online classes are teaching. I gave one example above. We have not used these yet.

    Other sources are school summer reading lists,I find these on school websites and library websites and find books in catalogues/websites like

    Finding books has been a big challenge for me. Hope this is helpful to someone.

    Edited by onthegomom (10/18/09 10:44 AM)

    #59245 - 10/24/09 07:53 AM Re: The Ultimate Book Thread? [Re: onthegomom]
    OHGrandma Offline

    Registered: 01/05/08
    Posts: 830
    iWoz by Steve Wozniak, I picked it up for GS10 to use for a source for a report. He's loving it!

    #60129 - 11/03/09 10:18 AM Re: The Ultimate Book Thread? [Re: OHGrandma]
    onthegomom Offline

    Registered: 07/28/09
    Posts: 1743
    Thirty days has september by Chris Stevens, cool ways to remember stuff.

    I found this to be a very unitimidating source for history, geography, spelling, and math. It's only 1/2" think.

    I think this would be a great book to give my DS9 before he starts his online writing class this summer. He does not have much experience with puctuation yet. This would be a great intro. and reference.

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